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WASM newsletter for July 26, 2021

To read the entire newsletter, click on this link:


Community Events:

Art Exhibitions/Notices:

Canadian Art exhibitions may be posted by Canadian Artists, Art Galleries in Canada and from around the world. We encourage call for entries, employment postings, request a commission, studio and gallery space for rent, workshops and retreats. Learn more here:


Lots of listings here from Guelph Arts:


Exhibit - Quand la nature ressent, 17e édition. 8 sept – 24 oct 2021.

Réalisée sous le commissariat de Stefanie Hessler, avec la collaboration de Camille Georgeson-Usher, de Maude Johnson et de Himali Singh Soin, la 17e édition de la biennale a lieu du 8 septembre au 24 octobre 2021.

Cette édition de MOMENTA ouvre la porte à de multiples interprétations. D’un côté, elle s’intéresse à une humaine qui ressent la nature, en tâtant un bleuet cueilli dans la forêt par exemple, éveillant ainsi les cinq sens : la vue, l’odorat, le gout, l’ouïe et le toucher. D’un autre côté, elle s’attache à la nature qui ressent en retour.


Exhibit - DIVINA DALI, July 16 to October 31, 2021, at the Port of Montreal’s Grand Quay:

Dante’s literary world seen through Dali’s eyes. In 1960, surrealist icon Salvador Dali presented the literary world of Dante’s Divine Comedy from Hell to Purgatory to Paradise through 101 works of art. Presented in Montreal for its world premiere, Divina Dali revisits this summit meeting between two legendary artists in a monumental immersive experience designed by La Girafe en feu.



Exhibit - THE INFINITE - The world's largest virtual reality experience aboard the International Space Station.

Photo credit: William Arcand (Productions L’Éloi)

Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal, 2020 William Street, Montreal, Georges-Vanier Metro Station

For the schedule and tickets:


Exposition de voitures anciennes: For this 12th show organized by Saint-Lambert and the “Club des Voitures Anciennes du Québec”, you will admire and photograph/sketch over 250 classics (built prior to 1994) in downtown Saint-Lambert.

More info here:


Saint-Laurent Boulevard is Montreal’s main artery, splitting the city in two while uniting the Montreal Community around an arousing destination. The Main never sleeps. Day and night, the boulevard put in work on different levels and makes Montreal the innovative, stimulating and welcoming city it is. The Society of Development of the Saint-Laurent Boulevard is revitalizing the Main since 2000 to make it a place of cultural, gastronomical and social avant-garde. It is within this vision that MURAL was birthed in 2013, to infuse excitement in this terrific space and create a visionary festival in our image. AUGUST 12 TO 22 2021.

Metro Stations near by: Mont-Royal and Sherbrooke.


Créer des ponts is an ambitious initiative of the Art Souterrain organization in partnership with the city of Montreal that offers a creative workshop to 60 emerging artists over 3 months in the heart of downtown Montreal. Added to this is the installation of 10 glass exhibition cubes dispersed across the island that will display exceptional contemporary works of art. As part of this major project, Place des Arts is hosting two artists-in-residence in its exhibition room, Brett Barmby and Andrew Oliver, as well as a glass cube showcasing a work by artist Hearyung Kim on its Esplanade. A must-see on your next visit!

From July 15 - October 15, 2021, Salle d'exposition (Visit the exhibition and meet the artists)

Andrew Oliver: Saturdays from 12 pm to 5 pm

Brett Barmby: Sundays from 12 pm to 5 pm

Esplanade de la Place des Arts, any time


Les aventures du cœur de l’île is a summer initiative presented by the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership and Montréal centre-ville in collaboration with Tourisme Montréal. Revitalizing the downtown core with interactive projects and installations from Atwater to Papineau and from Sherbrooke to the Saint Lawrence, Les aventures du cœur de l’île will have the streets of our metropolis brimming with action and fun all summer long!


Launched in spring 2018, Villa — véhicule d’arts actuels et numériques is the first mobile laboratory dedicated to digital creation in Laval. Equipped for creation and production, and serving as a site of micro-presentation, promotion and mediation, Villa is a food-truck type vehicle outfitted to host artists working in contemporary and digital art. Catch the truck in your neighbourhood - from July 19 to August 28, 2021. You have to be lucky, locations are not revealed!


It’s back! We all need a laugh! Just For Laughs MONTRÉAL is back this summer from July 26-31 with a hybrid edition filled with your favourite stars and events. For the first time in Just For Laughs history, the revered fest will be streaming stand-up shows from Montreal, Los Angeles, and New York City.



The International First Peoples' Festival 2021 unveiled today the main elements of its program and proposes an exploration of risky areas, where the buried traces of an immemorial past are not yet erased and where the artists boldly highlight, in the fog of the present, the paths of a luminous future. Healer and warrior, memory of the past and harbinger of new times, Native art stands proudly in the city.

Several venues for this festival:


A Montreal artist to check out:

Artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Is Building a Remarkable and Poetically Fleeting Memorial to Those Lost to the Coronavirus. Each portrait in his latest project is slowly erased once it has been completed. Taylor Dafoe, November 13, 2020.

On CBC’s The Bridge with Nantali Indongo. Lozano-Hemmer’s work strikes a balance between technology and the human condition. He admits that most of his work is only truly complete when the public collaborates — when we touch the work, move through it or even just breath — so he's had to make some adjustments during the pandemic.


July 29th to October 2nd, 2021, Opening Reception Thursday, July 29th 5 to 7pm.

The Adirondacks as seen through the lens of a painter's eye and a photographer's camera. My dear friend Tom is a seasoned hiker and paddler and has introduced me to some of the most remote and beautiful places in the Adirondacks. It is always an honour to share time with Tom in these sacred spots as he gathers images through the lens of a camera while I absorb them for future paintings.

Preview the Paintings with the password:


A great idea - art and food together!

Hibiscus and Lime Granita recipe of Art Bites founder Maite Gomez-Rejón. Photo credit: Courtesy of Maite Gomez-Rejón

This artist wants you to take a bite out of art history. Art Bites founder Maite Gomez-Rejón uses art from different eras of history to inspire her culinary projects and give her visitors a sensory experience. From The World, July 16, 2021, Producer Amanda McGowan. Listen to the story here:

For over a decade, Maite Gomez-Rejón has been exploring the nexus of art and culinary history through lectures, cooking classes and tastings presented at museums across the country and through essays and articles on culinary history in various publications. The artist’s web site featuring recipes from culinary history:


Rooted: A Publication on Indigenous Law from the Indigenous Law Association at McGill University. This document also features beautiful art.

Rooted represents a conscious attempt to create space for Indigenous legalities, knowledge, and perspectives. Our contributors – academics, activists, artists, and leaders – offer insight into Indigenous ways of seeing and knowing beyond the dominant liberal paradigm. Their perspectives breathe new life into how we, as a collective, engage with Indigenous legal orders. The project is in part a response to a call that several Indigenous scholars have issued: to take Indigenous constitutional orders seriously.1

Rooted takes its name, with gratitude, from Anishinaabe scholar Aaron Mills and his formulation of ‘rooted constitutionalism.’2


Book recommendation:

A wondrous debut from an extraordinary new voice in nonfiction, Why Fish Don’t Exist is a dark and astonishing tale of love, chaos, scientific obsession, and possibly, even murder.

David Starr Jordan was a taxonomist, a man possessed with bringing order to the natural world. In time, he would be credited with discovering nearly a fifth of the fish known to humans in his day. But the more of the hidden blueprint of life he uncovered, the harder the universe seemed to try to thwart him. His specimen collections were demolished by lightning, by fire, and eventually by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake—which sent more than a thousand of his discoveries, housed in fragile glass jars, plummeting to the floor. In an instant, his life’s work was shattered.


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