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Our mission is to promote and support professional artists, primarily women, in developing their careers. Additionally, we continue our tradition of promoting "Art for Good" in supporting charitable initiatives which benefit the wider community. We support and promote inclusivity initiatives for all races, genders and ethnicities.


Established in 1894, today the WASM seeks to:

  • SUPPORT the career of our professional artists by promoting our members and hosting activities to enhance the visibility of their work

  • CONNECT artists with practical resources to help further the artists' ability to live from their art

  • ENRICH the community by collaborating on charitable initiatives which help the most vulnerable in our society

  • INSPIRE the commuity by inviting artists and experts who share their knowledge through lectures and workshops exposing a wide variety of artists and craftspeople from all disciplines, particularily pushing the limits of what might traditionally be considred art.

WASM Annual Juried Art Show, 1954, at Ogilvy's
Founders & History
Board of Directors
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