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Every dollar helps to advance the arts for the good of all. From exhibits, to professional development, to assisting with arts education both public and private, your donations help to drive the engine of arts & culture in Montreal.

For more information on how to donate please contact:

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The Toni Lavery Headstart Fund

WASM Secretary Toni Lavery ( 2019 to present) has pioneered this fund to ensure the continuation of the WASM in these most challenging, and evolving times.


The goal is to provide practical experience to university students and graduates, or anyone  recently entering the job market from all academic disciplines paid opportunities to use their technical, communications and business skills to promote the arts and artists.

Providing a paid opportunity means we attract the best talent, and get specialized help where it is so necessary to continue to grant access to  the arts for everyone, even those in the most severe isolation.

“Your generous donations play a pivotal role in helping us fulfill our mission.

Your generosity will help fund a wide range of programs, workshops, and Art exhibitions that provide opportunities for artists to thrive and share their talents.


From nurturing emerging artists through mentoring programs to showcasing their work in vibrant exhibitions, your funds make it all possible.


Together we are fostering a vibrant artistic community, empowering artists to flourish, and spreading the joy of art far and wide.


Additionally, your contributions help sustain our outreach efforts, ensuring that art remains accessible to all.  With your support, we are not just creating art; we are fostering creativity, nurturing the human spirit, and making a positive impact on countless lives.  Thank you for being part of our journey and for helping us make a difference through art.”




“Vos généreux dons jouent un rôle essentiel en nous aidant à remplir notre mission.

Votre générosité aidera à financer un large éventail de programmes, d’ateliers et d’expositions d’art qui offrent aux artistes l’occasion de s’épanouir et de partager leurs talents.


Qu'il s'agisse de soutenir des artistes émergents grâce à des programmes de mentorat ou de présenter leur travail dans des expositions dynamiques, vos fonds rendent tout cela possible.


Ensemble, nous favorisons une communauté artistique dynamique, donnons aux artistes les moyens de s'épanouir et diffusons la joie de l'art partout dans le monde.


De plus, vos contributions contribuent à soutenir nos efforts de sensibilisation, garantissant que l’art reste accessible à tous. Avec votre soutien, nous ne créons pas seulement de l'art ; nous favorisons la créativité, nourrissons l’esprit humain et avons un impact positif sur d’innombrables vies. Merci de faire partie de notre voyage et de nous aider à faire une différence grâce à l'art.”

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