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Every dollar helps to advance the arts for the good of all. From exhibits, to professional development, to assisting with arts education both public and private, your donations help to drive the engine of arts & culture in Montreal.

For more information on how to donate please contact:

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The Toni Lavery Headstart Fund

WASM Secretary Toni Lavery ( 2019 to present) has pioneered this fund to ensure the continuation of the WASM in these most challenging, and evolving times.


The goal is to provide practical experience to university students and graduates, or anyone  recently entering the job market from all academic disciplines paid opportunities to use their technical, communications and business skills to promote the arts and artists.

Providing a paid opportunity means we attract the best talent, and get specialized help where it is so necessary to continue to grant access to  the arts for everyone, even those in the most severe isolation.

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