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WASM newsletter for February 21, 2022

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

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Online and on TV:

From the McGiil Rare Books Library:

Hidden in Plain Sight: Artist Amy Suo Wu Reveals the Potential of Invisible Ink - February 23rd, 12 PM.

Steganography is the art and science of hiding a message in plain sight. Amy Suo Wu will present her artistic research on steganographic practices as acts of protection, survival, and resistance in the face of oppression and violence. What began as a techno-political inquiry into how analog steganography might subvert digital surveillance and bypass censorship, gradually shifted to focus on invisibility tactics used by marginalized cultures and social movements. This body of work on steganographic practices is published by Onomatopee under the title A Cookbook of Invisible Writing.


CU at Home - an alumni event: Reader’s Digest Annual Lecture Series in Journalism - Cheryl McKenzie, Aphrodite Salas. DATE & TIME: Thursday, February 24, 2022, 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.

Join us for our 2022 Reader’s Digest Annual Lecture Series in Journalism, in collaboration with Concordia's Department of Journalism. Hear from Cheryl McKenzie, executive director of News and Current Affairs at APTN, as she discusses her professional journey, the news stories that made a difference and why newsrooms need more Indigenous voices. Thursday, February 14, 2022, at 12 noon.

Register here:


Iwona Kmiec, "Scent of Laundry", Exhibition February 23 - March 5, 2022. CLICK HERE.

Artist present Feb 26, 11am -2pm and March 5, 1pm to 4 pm Artist Talk February 25 at 1:00 PM. Register for the zoom link at


Celebrate Black History Month with 9 Concordians. Black community members share wisdom through a series of short video messages.


On CBC TV and CBC Gem - starting February 21st:

In the 1920's, Black men working as porters - many based in Montreal - helped to bolster the railway industry in Canada and the United States. These men from the Caribbean, Maritime provinces and the U.S. were also essential in building Black Canadian communities. A new CBC drama series, 'The Porter' looks to tell some of these untold stories. For series originator, co-creator, and actor Arnold Pinnock getting the greenlight on this project brought him to his knees in his living room. Showrunner, co-creator Marsha Greene says the series is about "triumph and not trauma". And actor Ronnie Rowe Jr. says the series shows the potential of storytelling in Black Canadian history. Alongside historian and consultant on the series, Dr. Dorothy Williams, they share stories, laughs and just how hugely important this moment is for television.

Streaming February 21st on Gem and at 8:00PM on CBC television.

Interview with Nantali Indongo on The Bridge:


How does our nordicity impact our lifestyle and culture? Climate change—how should we adapt, taking our nordicity into consideration? What social inequalities does it bring about? What are the solutions? These are but some of the questions—along with questions from the audience—to be addressed by Maya Cousineau-Mollen, Inuit and First Nations Community Development Advisor at EVOQ Architecture; Karine Lanoie-Brien, multidisciplinary creator; Emmanuel Bilodeau, actor and comedian; Caroline Brouillette, National Policy Manager, Climate Action Network Canada; and Bruno Demers, Executive Director of Architecture Without Borders Québec, during this discussion moderated by Catherine Perrin.

You can attend the event in person in the Salon urbain at Place des Arts or view it live on our Facebook page . February 24, 2022.


Dans le cadre du Mois de l'Histoire des Noirs, l'atelier "parlons et chantons" de la Gospel musique est un parcours culturel musical de causerie, jeux et chants à la rencontre des différents genres de la musique Noires. La musique Gospel est à l'honneur avec du Négro-spiritual, comtemporain, urbain, africain...dans le but de permettre aux générations d'élargir leur culture musical, leur esprit critique, leur vision du Monde et développer leur identité.

26 Février, 2022, 13:00 - 15:00. GRATUIT - .

Sur inscription - - un lien sera transmis pour entrer dans la classe virtuelle. Places limitées.


Montréal en Lumière is back with exciting events until March 5, 2022:

The only one of its kind in the world, the innovative Scotiabank Skating Loop at the place des Festivals promises to be one of the highlights of the 2022 edition. This impressive, 300-metre-long raised skating surface offers you breathtaking views of the urban landscape. The loop will be lit by a multitude of LED tubes, creating a dynamic and unique visual effect that will turn your ice time into a spectacular multimedia experience.


A film installation titled Montréal d’hier et d’hiver, consisting of two films screened simultaneously on the façades of the Wilder Building and UQAM’s Président-Kennedy Building, will play out to each other, creating an extraordinary immersive experience to delight the crowd.


Arts and Culture:

At the MMFA - read all about the artist and the exhibit in the Gazette: Nicolas Party at play: painter and sculptor transforms MMFA for major exhibit.


COLLAGE: An exhibition of new artworks by members of the Women’s Art Association of Canada. Collage: from the French verb ‘coller’, meaning “to glue,” is the artistic process of gluing and assembling various materials to a flat surface. Collage can refer to both the actual procedure of cutting and pasting, as well as to the final artistic product. View this exhibit online:


The British Museum is dabbling in NFT postcards, a museum in Miami is trying to figure out how to appraise a CryptoPunk and Seattle is now home to the world's first museum dedicated to NFT art. NFTs are non-fungible tokens — a unique, digital signature capable of marking a piece art as the original and thus conveying unique value on it. Dorian Batycka, a freelance journalist with ArtNet and The Art Newspaper, explains why museums are embracing NFTs and how they're balancing the risk and reward of doing it.

From CBC’s Day 6:

At The British Museum - NFT platform certified by the British Museum:


Meet Pigcasso, the pig who loves to paint! Through their extraordinary collaboration and unrivalled artworks, Pigcasso and Joanne Lefson aim to create an awakened connection between our food, animals, and climate change to inspire a kinder, more sustainable world.


Revisiting the ballet pointe shoe, socks, wedding shoes, and blades:

Bata Shoe Museum re-opens to the public with new live and online exhibitions including SOCKS: Between You and Your Shoes to learn about the history of socks. Discover wedding traditions around the world with The Perfect Pair: Wedding Shoe Stories, and ballet with On Pointe: The Rise of the Ballet Shoe.


Meet the Indigenous artists blending traditional art forms with pop culture, modern medical images. These artists combine Woodlands painting or beadwork with Lego men, COVID-19 and more.

Ruth Cuthand is a mixed media artist who is Plains Cree and a member of Little Pine First Nation in Saskatchewan. Her work blends the traditional art form of beading with non-traditional elements or themes. (Sweetmoon Photography).


Writer and documentary filmmaker Cheuk Kwan has sought out Chinese restaurants in places like Cuba, Turkey, and Outlook, Sask. He tells us what he learned about migration, identity and community from the travels documented in his new book, “Have You Eaten Yet? Stories from Chinese Restaurants Around the World”.

15-part TV Documentary:


In her new novel Pure Colour, Canadian author Sheila Heti explores the idea that the world is an unfinished work of art, whose creator is getting ready to scrap and start over... because the first draft just didn't cut it. David Common speaks with Heti about the book's themes of grief, climate change and the human condition, along with the personal loss that shaped its narrative.

From The Sunday Magazine:

The book:


"Montréal Capital City" is now available in English at Pointe-à-Caillière:


Dominion Carillonneur ready to play one last chime before Peace Tower renovation.


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