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Season of giving

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

From fellow WASM member, Shaune Thompson - Many of you reached out asking if we could extend our Holiday pop-up so we decided to open 2 more weekends. From December 9-11 and 16-18, swing by my studio between 11am-5pm to shop mugs, prints, greeting cards, ornaments, coasters, and wall calendars - which make great holiday gifts!

Holiday Pop-Up Extended (


From fellow WASM member, Sharron Gallagher - I am a member of Women's Art Studio [WAS] and I have a suggestion for a very original gift this holiday season. The artists have made their works more affordable by lowering their usual prices and will donate 100% of their sales to The Gazette Christmas Fund. Our first Christmas Art Sale in 2021 earned $860 for the Gazette Christmas Fund and we hope that with the help of art lovers around us, we will be able to donate this year as well. Please visit our Christmas Art Sale page:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all, Sharron


From fellow WASM member, Annette Wolfstein-Joseph:

5 X 7-ÉDITION 2022 - Lancement de la prévente en ligne aujourd'hui.

Découvrez dès maintenant près de 160 œuvres mises en vente pour soutenir l'Atelier Circulaire et sa communauté d'artistes ! Voir les oeuvres disponibles pour la prévente.

Prévente en ligne, 7- 13 décembre 2022 :

5 x 7 : 2022 | Atelier Circulaire | Centre d'artistes en arts imprimés

Vernissage et pop-up, jeudi 15 décembre, 17h - 21h

Exposition et ventes, 14-17 décembre : 12h - 18h


Une occasion idéale pour acheter des cadeaux à prix doux : Le Marché aux livres de Noël des Amis de BAnQ, à la Grande Bibliothèque, 10 décembre!


Free online fitness classes via Zoom starting December 12th.

Many more classes are offered at the Cummings Centre:


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