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WASM newsletter for February 7, 2022


Online lecture courtesy of Concordia - Future of Performance, Thursday, February 10, 2022, 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

Live entertainment has been hit hard under COVID-19 restrictions. How will artists, performers and creative organizations recover and thrive again post-pandemic?

Daniel Lamarre, O.C., Executive Vice-Chairman of the Board, Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group


Online - a McGill ROAAr event.

In the early 1900s, white mobs attacked African Americans throughout the United States, lynching and terrorizing hundreds per year. Without citizenship rights and state protections against anti-Black terror, even after shouldering arms for the Allies in World War One, Black people in the United States and Canada yearned for a leader—a deliverer of sorts—who would help redeem the “race.” The year 1919 marked a high point in anti-Black violence and Black resistance. In their yearnings, the Black masses, and some leaders, too, embraced a mystical and messianic form of Pan-Africanism.

Historian Dr. Wendell Nii Laryea Adjetey will explore the dimensions of this racial awakening for Black self-determination in the Atlantic World. This virtual event will be held on Zoom - February 10th, 12 PM. RSVP here:



Compositions, arrangements et direction musicale : Jean Félix Mailloux

Coral Egan – voix

Marie Neige Lavigne – violon

Sheila Hannigan – violoncelle

Jean Félix Mailloux – contrebasse

Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau – harpe

Isaiah Ceccarelli – batterie


Robbie Shakespeare, Jamaican bassist:

On CBC Frequencies:

When Robbie Shakespeare died in December, the world lost one of the most influential and versatile bassists ever. Over a career that spanned 50 years, Robbie Shakespeare and drummer Sly Dunbar produced and played on thousands of records by reggae royalty, rock stars, and musicians around the whole world. The riddim twins - as they were fondly called - were inseparable, but they also worked on other artists’ projects separately. Over the next hour, you’re going to hear 13 tracks that feature Robbie Shakespeare on bass, production, or influence. Featured artists include Burning Spear, Black Uhuru, Jay Douglas, Sister Nancy, Vanessa da Mata, Raghav, Sinead O’Connor, Dubmatix and more…

From Rolling Stone mag:


Travel to learn about the blues! Chasing the Blues explores the roots of the blues---the music birthed in the Mississippi Delta by African Americans who fashioned a new form of musical expression grounded in their shared experience of brutal oppression. They used the power of music to survive that oppression, creating a simple-in-structure, emotionally complex form that transformed and upended culture and became the bedrock of popular song.

The authors are interviewed on Saturday Night Blues with Holger Petersen:


Arts News:

Writer, and professor of journalism at UQAM, Patrick White, just released a book about exiled British painter Henry Daniel Thielcke, a man whose history he spent years trying to track down.

Thielcke, Henry Daniel, died November 25, 1874, in Chicago aged 87. (Chicago City Directory).

Interview on CBC’s All in a Weekend:

Prof. Patrick White’s book:

Some of the artist’s work:


Noémie Goudal’s latest exhibition explores the history of earth’s climate - by MARIGOLD WARNER.

Paleoclimatology refers to the study of the history of the climate. Scientists can examine chemicals buried deep beneath layers of sediment, preserved in tree rings, or sealed in ice sheets, glaciers, and microfossils. The deeper you go into the landscape, the further one can trace back time: some scientists have reconstructed ancient climates dating back millions of years.


The 2021 Sobey Art Awards - the artists and the winner:

Congratulations to Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory, Winner of the 2021 Sobey Art Award!

“Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory provocatively transforms the framework of references for contemporary art. Williamson Bathory’s performance practice courageously defies preconceived notions through embodied lived experience. Her works invite us to share in a world abundant with possibilities infused with the interconnections of land, family, community and cultural knowledge.” - 2021 Sobey Art Award jury


SSNAP winners’ exhibition travels to Victoria

Where: Victoria Arts Council, Main Gallery: 1800 Store Street When: Wednesday - Sunday, noon to five pm; 12 January -12 February 2022

SSNAP winners’ exhibition travels to Vancouver

Where: Pendulum Gallery; HSBC Building, 885 W Georgia St, Vancouver

When: Daily, 9 am - 5 pm; February 14 - March 11, 2022

SSNAP artists talk about their work: The SSNAP Prize winner Kriss Munsya shares his path to creative freedom: “How can an artist be truly unique"


A fun contest for kids and grandkids brought to you by Globo Shoes and Cavalia:


Culture News:

Montreal North celebrates Black History Month:


“For Sama” - a film to check out:


Botanical Gardens Montreal is re-opening!


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