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126th Annual WASM Exhibit, Sale and Juried Art Competition

May 27th -31st 2020

Information and Instructions

If you are submitting work for the exhibition or volunteering, please read the following thoroughly and attentively.

Submission Deadline:


In order for your work to be accepted into the show, application forms and fees must be received by no later than:

18:00 March 31st, 2020.


Anyone who submits past this deadline cannot be accommodated into the show. To have your work be eligible you must:

-Submit the application form

-Have your hanging fee  at the same time as the submission

-Have paid your membership fee for this year at the time of submission.


You can pay through our website, by clicking here for the 40 $ hanging fee:




The link for membership fees are on our membership page.

You may also pay with credit, cash and cheque at a lecture, or mail in a cheque along with your submission form to our PO box (P.O. Box  23028 5308 Sherbrooke St. W. Montreal, H4A 1S7).


To have your work included in the digital catalogue you must submit photos with your forms and fees (submitted images gives WASM the right to publish them on our social medias and in promotional advertisements). See below for instructions on how and where to send your forms.


Exhibit Dates:

Wednesday May 27th – Sunday May 31st, 2020.



Le Livart - 3980 St-Denis
Montréal QC
H2W 2M3


Any member whose membership dues are paid in full before the submission deadline may submit TWO works.  At least ONE work is guaranteed to be exhibited, provided that it conforms with the requirement guidelines. These are:


  1. Submitting all completed information on the submission form (attached) by the deadline along with the hanging fee and current membership status.


2. Size:

-2-dimensional works must be a MAXIMUM of 4 (feet) x 5 (feet) excluding frame (48 x 60 inches)

-3-dimensional works must be a MAXIMUM of 24 inches W x 48 inches H x 24 inches  

3. Content:

There is no restriction on content with the exception of: works that promote hate, hate speech, or intolerance, or incite others to violence. The WASM reserves the right to make a determining judgement on the acceptability of the content.


4. Paintings must be ready for hanging:

- A label stating the name of the artist, title of work, size, and price must be adhered to the back of each work.

- Each painting must be appropriately wired so that it can hang from a hook (any other hanging system cannot be accommodated).

- Each work must be wither in a frame or have finished edges.

5. Please sign your art on the back for anonymity during judging, otherwise WASM will adhere a cover over the part of the painting that shows the artist's name.

If more than one work is submitted, limitations will be based on space, not on a value judgement. If you are submitting more than one work, please indicate on your submission form which is your preferred artwork to exhibit in the event that we have to reduce the number of entries.  WASM will make best efforts to honor that choice.

Juried Competition and prizes:

All members will be guaranteed a chance to exhibit at least one work. For details on the criteria see below.

Prizes will be distributed as follows:

  • Juried show top places, based on total score:

    • 1st Place

    • 2nd Place

    • 3rd Place

  • Best representation of Theme (this year: Kaleidoscope)

    • One prize, determined by the judges

  • Artist’s choice

    • One prize determined by votes that other exhibiting artists will submit.

  • Public’s choice

    • One prize determined by anyone who has visited the exhibit and has submitted a vote.

  • 10 Merit of Distinctions, for the ten works that scored well but did not receive any prizes. There will be no value prizes for these Merits, but a certificate will be issued, and it will be mentioned on our website and publicity.


The prizes mentioned above are in order of prize value. No  single artist may win more than one of the top 3 prizes.  All other works will be judged individually.

Details of the actual prizes are still being negotiated but will be announced as soon as possible.

Judging Criteria:


As every year, three judges are chosen from the art community. The actual identity of the judges will not be made public until the judging is complete, but we have chosen them based on recommendations from our membership for their outstanding achievements, contributions and expertise in the arts.


The criteria they will use is as follows:


  1. Competent Use of the Elements of Art                      /5 points


  • Mastery of scale, perspective, volumes, or other visual factors pertinent to the medium.

  • Balance of elements in relation to each other

  • Overall compositional balance


  1. Craftsmanship / Skill in Media           /5 points


  • Treatment and texture appropriate to the medium

  • Use of color, depth or shading in a way appropriate to the medium

  • Overall skill shown in relation to other professional level works


  1. Presentation / Effectiveness of the work        /5 points


  • The work has impact. It evokes an emotional response in the viewer

  • The work conveys the message it is trying to bring across clearly


  1. Originality / Creativity                       /5 points


  • The work shows an interesting and effective interpretation of subject

  • Original approach compared to other well-known works of its kind



The judges will each score independently, and the totals will be added to determine the winners.  In the event of a tie, the judges will have the opportunity to debate and choose a winner by mutual agreement.  If they are unable to come to an agreement, two prizes will be given in that category as “co-winners”.



Schedule of Events:


March 31st, 2020, 6:00 pm – Submission deadline – All applications must be received


May 25th, Monday:

10:00 – Noon:  Artists are to bring their works to Le Livart Gallery

13:00-18:00: Hanging committee.


May 26th, Tuesday:

            Closed: Judging.


May 27th, Wednesday:

            18:00-21:00:  Vernissage exhibit.


May 28th, 29th, 30th: Thursday, Friday, Saturday:

            10:00-18:00: Public viewing

May 31st: Sunday

            10:00-16:00 Public viewing.

            16:00-18:00: Artists take home their works.


June 1st, Monday:

            10:00-18:00: Artists take home their works


Please be advised, anyone can come in during the gallery’s opening hours, however, for the sake of efficiency and fair judging, we ask that unless you are on the hanging committee, you or any of your guests come only as of 17:00 on Wednesday, with the exception of dropping off your work on Monday morning. No packaging will be kept at the gallery, you must take it off when it is dropped off then bring it back when you come to pick up your works.



Delivery Service:


Subject to interest we may be offering a delivery service. Please communicate on your application if you are interested. This service will only be offered if enough interest is shown.


How to submit your work:


In order to submit your work, please do the following:


1. Complete the submission form included in the information e-mail as a separate attachment. You may also find a version which you can copy/paste here:



The filled form should be sent digitally to:



2. Please pay your 40.00$ non-refundable submission fee. (see the button above)

3. Optionally, if you would like to be included in a digital slideshow at the exhibit, as well as in the online catalogue and for all other publicity, please include a photo of your work(s) when you submit your forms. Please label your images clearly , with your name and the title of the work.


Your photo(s) must be in .jpeg format when submitted and must be named as follows:


Artist first name_Artist last name_title of work. Jpeg – for example:


  • Jane_Smith_Kaleidoscope.jpeg

(the .jpeg is added automatically by the computer if the picture is in the correct format)

  • A note on photo taking: The photo of your work should be taken in a well-lit place, and as straight on as possible, omitting frame or extra items around the room.


Artist's statements or descriptions:

You will note on your submission forms that this year we will be adding descritions to the works. This is in an effort to put potential buyers in the headspace of the artists. Filling out this section is purely optional, but it should be a short descrition of either the work or yourself as an artist that you think would make the public understand or connect with your work better.

For the hanging comittee: please note that these descriptions will be included on the name cards, and therefore will require more space. Specific sizes will be given once all the submissions have been recieved.

Technical help:

If you require technical assistance on how to submit your forms, please click here for more detailed instructions.

Additional saleable items:


Due to the fact that the gallery provides sitting and sales service for the works, WASM staff may not always be on hand for sales of cards, prints, etc. Therefore, for this year, we will only accept sales of additional items during the vernissage, in this case:


Wednesday May 27th, from 17:00-21:00.


If you intend to bring things, please advise us so that we rent enough tables to accommodate.  You must take your items home with you at the end of the vernissage.




As stated above a submission fee of 40.00$ is applicable and non-refundable whether you submit one or two works.


Please be advised that as always, WASM will retain a 20% fee on any sold works. This will be administered by the staff on site.


Accessibility of the Gallery:


Please note that the gallery does not have its own parking lot. Parking is paid street parking only, or there is a public parking lot on rue Roy, nearby.


It is, however, located between two metro stations, Sherbrooke and Mount Royal, at about a 7-minute walk from each, so is easily accessible by public transit.


Other Rules of the Gallery:


On the night of the vernissage alcohol will be served. Please be advised that you can only drink within the gallery itself, or on the terrace attached to the gallery. No alcohol in an open container is permitted on St-Denis street, or in the alley-way next to the gallery. Any violations of this are subject to a fine from the city and shall be the sole responsibility of the individual.



For any additional questions, please contact deannehal@wasmtl.org



Happy Exhibition!





Hanging Fee 40$