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Are you looking for a way to re-fire your creative life? Are you struggling with doubts, or droughts? This 12 week program is an artist-to-artist circle designed to help you recover your creative spark, and transcend the many obstacles along the path of a creative life.


Based on the original program set out by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way, weekly assignments and discussions are designed to provide a supportive setting for recovering artists. Throughout the program, we will commit to two tasks: the morning pages and artist’s dates.


Every week, a selection of assignments will help us work through the challenges of choosing a creative life.


Our meetings will take place after the weekly conferences on Tuesday, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Once the conference ends, simply bring your tea or coffee to the table and join the group!


Here is an overview of what our meetings will look like:


Week 1            Introductions

                        Presentation of the program



                        Guidelines for Morning Pages, Artist’s Dates

                        Selection of Assignments


Subsequent meetings:

                        Sharing of assignment experiences

                        Discussion of the week’s theme

                        Presentation of assignments for the following week


Materials needed:


These are not included, and must be purchased separately

1.    The book:  Cameron, Julia (1992, 2002). The Artist’s Way: a spiritual path to higher creativity, Penguin Putnam Inc., N.Y. 10014.

2.    A Journal of your choice for the Morning Pages


The book is available on Amazon, and can also be purchased at Chapters/Indigo and a selection other bookstores. You can purchase it second-hand, as it has been available for some time.


100$ for WASM members (Just 10$/lesson). 150$ for non-Members.

This course normally retails for 200$. Payment must be made in one installment at the time of joining the course.



Please register with the Course Instructor, Art Educator: Marie Jose gelinas at: by October 10, 2019.

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