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Notice to Artists


The deadline for sending your submission sheet to Johanne Dussault, via this website, is March 1st. However, the deadline to submit digitals of your works has been extended to March 25. 


Please note any digitals submitted after March  25  will not be included in the online show.


Artists who do not feel comfortable to submit to the show physically may opt to be in the online show only. All works will be judged whether physically in the gallery or only online.


Please state your decision if you only want to be online  to Johanne by March 1.


Due to gallery space, there is a possibility that some 2nd choice works will be eliminated from the physical show. The committee will inform artists if one of their works has been eliminated  prior to the delivery of works to gallery. Note all artists are guaranteed to have one work hung and, ideally, all works will be hung.  



WASM Art Committee 

Submission Rules and Specifications

Submit Completed Form - Artworks will not be accepted into the show if Submission Forms, Hanging Fees and Annual Dues are received past the deadline of Tuesday, March 1, 2022


(Details on Submission Form Will Be Available Here Soon - Watch for Email Announcement).  

Save the submission form to your device, type in the required information to complete it, then attach it to an email along with artwork photos (see instructions below*) then send the email  


​Pay Hanging Fee ($45) and Membership Annual Dues ($65) – it is mandatory both these fees are paid in full prior submission. You can pay both fees instantly on the WASM website Membership page, or mail cheques to:

P.O. Box 23028

5038 Sherbrooke St. W.

Montreal, H4A 1S7

If mailing a cheque allow for a two week processing time. Fees are non-refundable whether you submit one or two works. The 2021-2022 annual membership dues needed to be paid during the month of September 2021 to renew your membership or to become a new WASM member.  If you have not paid, please do so as soon as possible. Payment ensures your status as a WASM member in good standing through August 31, 2022.


Photos of Artwork (optional) - if you would like the publicity, attach photos to your submission email along with your submission form. Submitting the images gives WASM the right to publish them on our social media platforms, in promotional advertisements, in an online catalogue and in the digital slideshow at the exhibit. The photo(s) must be in .jpeg format and titled as follows:

Artist first name_Artist last name_title of work.jpeg –

Example:  Melissa_Jones_Invigoration.jpeg

(the .jpeg is added automatically by the computer if the picture is in the correct format)


Photos should be taken in a well-lit place, and as straight on as possible, omitting frame or extra items around the room.


Delivery Service - Subject to interest we will be offering a delivery service to transport your art work to the gallery. Please communicate in your submission email if you are interested in having this service. Dates and other details will be provided to interested artists.

Required Specifications - TWO works may be submitted.  If more than one work is submitted, limitations will be based on space, not on a value judgement. If you are submitting more than one work, please indicate on your submission form which is your preferred artwork to exhibit in the event that we have to reduce the number of entries.  WASM will make best efforts to honor that choice. At least ONE work is guaranteed to be exhibited, provided that it conforms with the following requirements:

  • Size -

    • 2-dimensional works must be a MAXIMUM of 4 (feet) x 5 (feet) excluding frame (48 x 60 inches)

    • 3-dimensional works must be a MAXIMUM of 24 inches W x 48 inches H x 24 inches D 

  • Content - There is no restriction on content with the exception of: works that promote hate, hate speech, or intolerance, or incite others to violence. The WASM reserves the right to make a determining judgement on the acceptability of the content.

  • Label - artist name, title of work, medium, size, and price must be written on a label and adhered to the back of each work.

  • Wiring - Each painting must be appropriately wired along with finished edges (any other hanging system cannot be accommodated).

  • Unframed Art - All edges of unframed canvases must have finished edges.

  • Signature - Sign art on the back (or underside if 3 dimensional) of each piece for anonymity during judging. If the signature is on the front it will be covered with a removeable sticker.


WASM reserves the right to refuse any work not prope​rly presented.

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