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Sophie Bisaillon 


I've wanted to be an artist since I was a child. I mostly taught myself drawing in my youth, but I felt the need to realize my dream of becoming an artist and took a leap of faith in 2020 by enrolling in Nicholas Wilton's Creative Visionary Program CVP 2020, a program that gave me a solid foundation to deepen and express my artistic abilities.


As an emergent artist, I’m interested in exploring abstract and semi-abstract art, as well as figurative, the feeling of colors, trusting my intuition, and letting the painting that wants to emerge reveal itself, serving as a simple instrument 


I feel that a painting as a life of its own. My goal is to serve as an instrument to let the work emerge. I am inspired by my environment… nature, clouds, birds, plants, and the sky. I aspire to reflect sensitivity in my paintings. I use acrylic as my primary medium with other mixed media such as pastel and crayon.

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