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Shaheen Munir


A lawyer from Bangladesh, researcher, author, women, and human rights activist, based in Montreal. In addition, has a passion for arts – singing, painting.

Shaheen Munir presently is an  Affiliate Assistant Professor at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

Since she arrived in Montreal (1996) as an immigrant, over the last three decades, has been dedicating to improving the condition of women’s lives both in Bangladesh and here in Montreal. Presently is the Secretary, Programme of the Executive Council, South Asian Women’s Community Center (SAWCC), Montreal, Advisor of Bangladesh Socio Cultural Forum, member of Women Association of Bangladesh and ArtTram, Montreal. 

Shaheen artworks reflect the themes covered in her writings. Two of her recent art works depicted the painful discovery of the unmarked graves of Indigenous children at the residential schools in Canada. 

Shaheen awarded as Honourable Mention at the WASM’s 127th Annual Juried Art Show: Chrysalis, held on May 6- 21, 2022, Gallery GORA, Montreal  for  her artwork- “Phillis Webstad’s Orange Shirt, Unmarked Graves Will Never be Forgotten, Will Always be with Us, We Will Fight for You.”

Shaheen Munir’s  Artistic Journey  started from her childhood by drawing  a landscape  “Picture of a calm river”  with chalks on a Blackboard at home in the company of her brothers who were  also drawing  pictures to the tune of a Bangla song. 

Her  Inspiration :   


A  unique compassionate vision of  femininity and humanity inspired Shaheen Munir’s creation.

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