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Rodica Vinca

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Bolero acrylic&oil 24x36.jpg

Artist painter of Romanian origin, Rodica Vinca has rediscovered the beauty of colours from her childhood, and after attending various courses in Vancouver( ART Museum) such as « Painting Techniques and Ceramics' and Institut de Formation Professionnelle in arts  she has devoted her time to painting. With over 20 years of experience, Rodica Vinca is one of the important figures of contemporary art in Quebec. She is a member of the Circle of « Painters and Sculptors of Quebec '' and the « Association of Multidisciplinary Artists of Laval ''. In April 2019, Rodica Vinca was awarded the gold medal at the International Gala of visual arts «Sound and Light» for «the originality, the aesthetic and technical value» of her work, which took place in Montreal. She also received the gold medal and the diploma of honour from the Mikolowie Art Show - Domu Kultury of Poland. Rodica Vinca has made numerous solo and group exhibitions in Canada, France and Poland. Her works are part of public and private collections in Canada, Brasil, Romania, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, and the USA. She is the president of  UAPMRCa ( Union of Romanian artists and musicians from Canada) organising  projects and exhibitions and having also the  quality of jury.

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