The Women’s Art Society of Montreal is

a non-profit organization established in 1894.


- Promote and support professional artists, primarily women, in developing their careers. 


- Continue our tradition of promoting "Art for Good" with supporting charitable initiatives benefitting the wider community.


- Help to promote local art by providing opportunities for our local and national artists alike. These artists come from all disciplines, backgrounds and ethnicities.


- Expand the traditional definition of what is considered art through: exhibitions, lectures, workshops and events.


Our Members are enriched, inspired and supported through WASM. Together we can grow as artists, innovators, educators and art enthusiasts as a whole.




MEMBERSHIP guarantees you the opportunity to exhibit in at least one professionally juried art show.


FREE-STYLE membership allows you to get involved as much or as little as you want. For More info....CLICK HERE

THE widest and multi-disciplined series of lectures offered on the island Montreal

10% Discount card at Deserres. (For info on how to use this for existing members click here)

Additional publicity and discount benefits made available to members only.

Membership Application


To become a new member, please view the following page: Annual Membership 

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Hanging Fee 45$

Guest Pass 10$

*Please note, although this is processed through the paypal secure paysite, only US debit cards are accepted. If paying from Canada or abroad,  you must use a credit card. No paypal account is necessary.