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Winter Solstice & Holiday Treats


Winter Solstice - the most wonderful night of the year. Why it may be exactly what we need for the holiday season.

The winter solstice — the longest night of the year — makes it the perfect time to slow down, move inwards, and reflect. (Shutterstock / Maximillian cabinet) 


ARC Ensemble: The Forgotten Music of Exiled Composers. For the last 20 years, members of ARC Ensemble have dedicated themselves to recovering the forgotten works of exiled composers. Recently, the ensemble revived the works of Frederick Block — music that hasn't been performed publicly in nearly a century.



Winter Escapes - Community Art Showcase | NVIDIA Studio Standouts:


World Ballet Day 2023 | Les Grands Ballets Canadiens:


Fogo Island Inn (Wikipedia)

Fogo Island Arts – 15 years. Each year, as pack ice brings seals, sea birds, and the occasional polar bear to our shores, Fogo Island Arts opens its studios to a new season of residents. As we come to the close of our fifteenth year, we are reflecting deeply on the community of over 150 artists, curators, writers, and researchers that have contributed to our residency program at the edge of the North Atlantic. In 2023, we welcomed ten artists, curators, and writers: Tamina AmadyarMonica BonviciniPip DayLewis HammondKatie LawsonMaria LisogorskayaKen LumTak PhamUte ThonArmand Yervant Tufenkian.



Tourtière is a Québécois Christmas tradition. This bistro owner brought it south of the border. Chef and restauranteur Hugue Dufour says making tourtière in the U.S. 'just makes sense'.

Eating the pie on Christmas Eve, or Réveillon, is a Québécois tradition (Hugue Dufour)

More about Hugue Dufour:


Tombola – an Italian Christmas tradition:

A game of tombola can be a raucous Christmas tradition for many Italians. It’s a bit like bingo, but involves imagery around fear, desire, faith, and death — and has clandestine origins in 18th-century Naples. The CBC’s Megan Williams takes us down a Naples side street to play a game, hosted by someone called Lady Taboo.


Better Late on CBC Radio One (88.5 FM) on Dec 26, 2023, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM EST

Retirement these days doesn’t mean being relegated to your porch swing. That’s because many seniors are choosing to keep working and volunteering, and even pursuing encore careers in industries they’d only dreamed of. Join host Cathy Browne on a journey into the emerging trends in senior culture today and meet people who want more than the traditional retirement narrative, as they face down the ticking clock of time with hope and ambition. Cathy Browne speaks with Gloria Macarenko about her special show "Better Late".



Photographer Andreas Rutkauskas captures the aftermath of wildfires. We meet the photographer who has been capturing the aftermath and regeneration following forest fires. The Rimouski regional museum is hosting an exhibit featuring his work. Andreas Rutkauskas speaks with guest host Dionne Codrington.




From The - New book taps into the cultural history of eyeliner. For centuries, eyeliner has been seen as a staple, and often the only beauty item some women and men wear. In culture journalist Zahra Hankir's latest book, "Eyeliner: A Cultural History," readers learn how eyeliner isn't just some superficial beauty hack and that in many cultures around the world, it has been revolutionized and popularized by people of color for medicinal purposes, authority, and its cultural ties.

The author’s web site: 


The patriarchy of pockets. There’s a lot of history tucked into the pockets ofin our clothing, including a long-standing frustration that women’s clothes tend not to have them. Hannah Carlson digs into the patriarchy folded into fabric in her new book Pockets: An Intimate History of How We Keep Things Close.

The book:


Arts news:

An exhibit of (entirely fake) J.E.H. MacDonald sketches. The Vancouver Art Gallery acquired 10 works by Group of Seven painter J.E.H. MacDonald in 2015 — and now knows they were fakes all along. Curator Richard Hill tells us about turning these pieces into a new exhibition, and the road to discovering they were forgeries.


These Group of Seven artist's sketches are fake — and that's the point of this Vancouver Art Gallery exhibit. J.E.H. MacDonald - A Tangled Garden charts lengthy inquiry into provenance of 10 oil sketches acquired in 2015.

One of 10 oil sketches the Vancouver Art Gallery acquired in 2015 that were thought to be by Group of Seven painter J.E.H. MacDonald. An inquiry lasting nearly a decade determined they were fake. (Ben Nelms)


8 charged over 1,000 paintings seized in Norval Morrisseau art fraud investigation. Thunder Bay police, OPP announces results of years-long investigation on Friday.

Androgyny by Morrisseau, right, is shown in the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa in 2017. (Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press)

Film – There Are No Fakes trailer and info:


BlackBerry director Matt Johnson on Canadian cinema, Canadian excellence and our need for a national voice. In a Q interview, Johnson explains why Canada was on his mind during the making of BlackBerry.

On CBC Gem:



The Culture in the Schools Repertoire is accepting applications from new Artists and Writers. The deadline to apply is January 11th, 2022. In collaboration with ELAN’s Québec Relations project, which is generously supported by the Secretariat for Relations with English-speaking Quebecers, we facilitated a webinar to advise Artists on how to apply. Watch it here! [Note: application page is in French].→Deadline January 11, 2024. Click here for details

Art Volt and La Centrale galerie Powerhouse have formed a partnership to support recent alumni of Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Arts through a Curatorial Residency opportunity.→Deadline January 15. Click here for details. 

Artch Montreal is now accepting submissions for their 7th cohort! Artch’s mission is to support emerging artists in their first stages of professionalization. Artch identifies, shapes, finances, mentors, and exhibits each year a cohort of a few artists at the beginning of their career. This year, there is no age restriction for participants. NOTE: English follows French description in details document.Deadline January 22, 2024. Click here for details. 

Lantern Magazine is accepting submissions. Established in 2007, Lantern Magazine is a poetry periodical specifically catered to promoting writers in the Montreal literary community. Ongoing. Click here for details


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