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Weekend Events starting today

Heritage Montreal: Roundtable discussion: Three emblematic battles to safeguard Montreal’s heritage. May 14, 2021, from noon to 1:30 p.m.

Heritage Montreal is inviting heritage actors in the field of heritage to recount a pivotal moment in their trajectory—a major victory in safeguarding a place, a site, a building. What triggered their involvement? How do they define citizen mobilization in the metropolis? How did this moment change their relationship to heritage? The presentations will be followed by a question and discussion period. The roundtable will be held live on Zoom (registration required) and on Facebook and will be presented in English and French. This activity is organized as part of Festival d’Histoire de Montréal. Register here:


Got the pandemic blahs? Here's how 28 Canadians found their bliss. Find your own antidote to ennui with these 17 inspiring stories:

In December 2020, CBC Manitoba and CBC East Coast called on Canadians to show us their happy place. There were no rules — we wanted their imaginations guide them. A happy place could be a person, place or thing, and something in the past, present or future. Seventeen projects — including audio essays, short films, a comic, illustrations, photos and personal essays — were produced by 28 storytellers in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nova Scotia, and released over the past several months.


The Quebec Tour at the SAQ - free online event today at 5:30PM:


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