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WASM newsletter for May 16, 2022

Updated: May 17, 2022

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WASM in the news!

Effective as of March 18th, 2022, the Women’s Art Society of Montreal is officially recognized as a Canadian charitable cultural organization.

With this achievement, we join the ranks of the Opera de Montreal, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and The National Gallery of Canada, among many other cultural institutions that are shown to contribute to the education and promotion of the arts at the national level.

Therefore, a huge congratulations must be sent to all WASM members for having helped to create a dynamic and growing environment which is changing the perception and recognition of the importance of the arts for everyone it touches.

What does this mean for you?

Your membership fees are now 100% tax deductible. Additionally, any donations you make to the WASM will be as well.

For sales at the art show, any purchase by one of your contacts or clients will also be 20% deductible for them. A good reason to encourage them to buy your work!

But lastly, having this recognition gives us legitimacy. In the eyes of most major donors, it means we are doing something worthwhile. It opens new doors for unprecedented support to build new programs, and to continue to develop deep and meaningful connections with artists, and with the public.

Click here for the entire announcement:


Community events:

The 2022 CBC Poetry Prize is now open for submissions.

You have until May 31, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. ET to submit your original, unpublished poem or collection of poems, up to 600 words in length. There is no minimum word requirement. The entry fee is $25, which covers the costs of administering the prize.



Novelist Shyam Selvadurai reimagines ancient India through the wife of the man who became the Buddha. In his new book, Sri Lankan-Canadian novelist Shyam Selvadurai reimagines ancient India through the life of Yasodhara, the wife of the man who became the Buddha. He talks about the book and the role of Buddhism in his own life.


Timbuktu manuscripts: Mali's ancient documents captured online. A virtual gallery to showcase Mali's cultural history has been launched, featuring tens of thousands of Timbuktu's ancient manuscripts. The manuscripts were smuggled to safety from Timbuktu after Islamist militant groups took control of the city in northern Mali in 2012. They contain centuries of African knowledge and scholarship on topics ranging from maths to astrological charts.


Join McGill’s ROAAr and special guest Kristen Howard for some tiny looks at tiny books. Miniature books – books measuring at less than 3” in length or width – have fascinated collectors for hundreds of years. This enduring fascination is in part due to their beauty, the challenges of their production, and their sheer curiosity value. May 19, 2022, 16:00 to 17:00.


More miniature books at the Jewish Public Library - Lilly Toth Miniature Book Collection Online Exhibit:


Photography / Archeology:

3D scans reveal elaborate art carved into an Alabama cave more than 1,000 years ago. Carvings too faint for the naked eye shown in detail using a process called photogrammetry.

Photographer Stephen Alvarez captures images of ancient, faded carvings in Alabama's 19th Unnamed Cave. (Alan Cressler)



Transfiguration, starring harpist Valérie Milot and cellist Stéphane Tétreault, is a total concert experience in which its artists are immersed in a digital and cinematographic environment. Audiences will be visually and auditorily captivated by this mise en scène, wherein music is transformed by projected imagery and the dynamics between the two musicians evolve until the final transfiguration.

Wednesday and Thursday, May 25 and 26, 2022, at 9:00 p.m. At Bourgie Hall of the MMFA. Tickets: Valérie Milot and Stéphane Tétreault - Transfiguration ( Promo code: FDMBOURGIE30%


Ville orchestre | Nouvelle installation sur la promenade des Artistes. Come take a walk on Promenade des artistes, behind Place des Arts to try the new playful installation Ville orchestre. Become an instant musician when it crosses your path. Bring the kids and HAVE FUN! Until May 29, 2022.


After Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began on Feb. 24, the musicians of the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra scattered, sheltering wherever they could. According to conductor Luigi Gaggero, it was a frightening time.


2022 Pulitzer Prize in music: Voiceless Mass, by Raven Chacon. Premiered on November 21, 2021, in Milwaukee, Wis., a mesmerizing, original work for organ and ensemble that evokes the weight of history in a church setting, a concentrated and powerful musical expression with a haunting visceral impact.


From funky fungi to melodious mangos, this artist makes music out of nature.

Learn more about how electronic musician Tarun Nayar hopes his organic tunes remind people about the joy of 'wild places'.


Visual arts:

The MBAM/MMFA will offer batik workshops again from June 14 to June 17.

Instructor: Avy Loftus, batik and shibori artist and art educator, finalist of the 2021 Charles Biddle Award for exceptional contributions from artists who have immigrated to Québec.


Ukrainian art gallerist Lika Spivakovska is supporting artists displaced by war by selling NFTs. Art gallerist Lika Spivakovska fled Kyiv with her children shortly after the Russian invasion. She’s found a way to continue supporting Ukrainian artists by turning their war-time artwork into NFTs. Spivakovska spoke with Tom Power live on the air to tell us more about her work.

A sale of digital NFTs at the Lighthouse NFT Gallery in San Juan in March raised more than $30,000 for Ukrainian artists and other humanitarian aid. Credit...Lighthouse NFT Gallery.


Online from Fogo Island Arts:

This coming week, Fogo Island Arts is pleased to announce two upcoming digital events on May 18 & 19th.

1 - Lost & Found Agency | Eli Kerr | An island through another |

Wednesday, May 18th at 5:00 pm EST / 6:30 pm NDT

2 - Cross Currents Recipient Panel

Thursday, May 19 at 1:30 pm NDT / 5:00 pm UK


Learn more about Asian Heritage Month across Canada:

In Montreal with Laura Luu:

A few online events continue for the rest of May and June 2022:


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