WASM newsletter for July 11, 2022

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Call for submissions:

We invite you to share your vision of Takaya's world with theme of “Wolf and Moon”. We look forward to receiving your submissions! Artists can donate their artworks with the proceeds going towards wolf conservation or set a retail price with 50% paid to the artist upon sale.

Please send photos of your artwork with your artist statement and bio. The art piece should be shipped to arrive in Victoria no later than August 20th.

The shipping address for delivery is:

Chris MacDonald

Eagle Feather Gallery

21A-633 Courtney Street,

Victoria, British Columbia, V8W 1B9, Canada.

Telephone number: 250-388-4330

Takaya’s Legacy Project:

Takaya's Legacy - Honouring the Lone Wolf of Discovery Island (takayaslegacy.com)


From ELAN – Calls for submissions of all stripes:

Calls for Submissions – ELAN (quebec-elan.org)


Tours des arts:



Montreal's Repercussion Theatre returns to Quebec parks this summer with an original play inspired by The Bard. Artistic director and playwright Amanda Kellock and actor Anton May tell us how the pandemic inspired them to look for Shakespearean works that were written during the Plague. The result is winkingly called "All Shall Be Well."


Click here to find out where playing:



Guest host Duke Eatmon speaks with the new photography curator at the McCord Museum, Zoë Tousignant. They've just opened an exhibit that shows us photographs of Quebec's wilderness, taken in the 19th century, by Alexander Henderson.


At the McCord Museum - Alexander Henderson:


About the curator: https://www.musee-mccord.qc.ca/en/collections/team/zoe-tousignant/


For the first time in Quebec City - An exhibition-tribute to the life that vibrates on our planet. Works that are a pleasure for the eyes, but also a reminder of the fragility of life. A hymn to the Earth presented at Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge. A magnificent garden in Quebec City, filled with history, on the banks of the Saint-Lawrence River.



This young musician is fantastic!

Visit Beth McKenna’s web site to learn more: https://www.bethmckenna.ca/jazz-orchestra

Her latest album is https://www.bethmckenna.ca/#music-horizon-section


If you missed it, here is a playlist of some great musicians featured at this year’s Montreal Jazz Festival, courtesy of Place des arts:

Poste d'écoute - Le jazz est de retour à la Place des Arts | Place des Arts


How the bicycle changed everything (especially for women) – and never stopped rolling.

Jody Rosen joins David Common to pedal through the bike's fascinating evolution, from the "laufmachine" to the "penny-farthing" to the velocipede we use today, as he explores in his book “Two Wheels Good: The History and Mystery of the Bicycle”.


The book:



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