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WASM Newsletter for April 5, 2021

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Workshops, Lectures, and great advice - online of course!

SINAPSIS- Convergence-CRÉ Third Science Café:

Can fiction help us better understand other people's inner worlds? Through a series of black marks on a paper sheet or a screen, literature manages to build entire universes. Reading a book can transport us to other times, show us unknown places and introduce ourselves to characters we will never come across in real life. Further than that, it can make us experience the feelings of characters that exist only within its pages. How is this possible?

Fiction, Social Cognition and Empathy - Brain, Books and Beyond.

A virtual event on April 8th, 2021 6PM in English. To learn more and registration:


Lecture from the Rotary Club:

You are cordially invited to our Rotary speaker on the environment with Jamie D’Souza on the Impact of Tourism on the Plight of the Polar Bears, this Thursday April 8th, 2021 at 7:30 pm via Zoom. Rotary Club of Montreal West & NDG.

Presentation details:

This presentation explains the relationship between climate change and polar bear viewing tourism. This study was part of Jamie's Master's thesis project conducted in 2018. During this time Jamie travelled to Churchill, Manitoba (the polar bear capital of the world) and conducted over 500 visitor surveys with tourists traveling to see the polar bears in their natural habitat. The main objectives of her study were to calculate greenhouse gas emissions, to find out what tourists knew about climate change and to see what solutions could be implemented to reduce emissions. This project also makes a comparison with a similar project conducted over 10 years ago to see if emissions and tourists' knowledge had changed over time.


Join us for a live Zoom workshop presented by the Toronto Arts Council, and led by Peter Kingstone, TAC’s Visual/Media Arts Program Manager. This 90-minute session will cover best practices and tips when writing grant applications. It will also offer focused guidance on the TAC’s Visual Artist Program grants, which provides support at the $5,000 and $10,000 level to visual artists who have a professional independent art practice for the creation/production of new work or the completion of works in progress. For more information on the Visual Artist Program grants:

To register for the workshop on April 7, 2021:


Diana Bruno invites all to attend this webinar:

The webinar will feature world-renowned artists Jenny Holzer, Lili Kobielski, and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. It is hosted by Prof. Daniel Weinstock and the discussion will center on the effects of the pandemic on the artistic process as part of a series of events on civil society. The webinar is taking place on April 12th, 3pm-4pm EST. Here is the registration link : -------------------------------------------------------------------

Visual Arts:

Canadian photographer Thomas Vijayan just won the Grand Prize at the World Nature Photography Awards for his striking image of an orangutan climbing a tree in Borneo.

He explains what it took to get his winning shot, and what his passion for wildlife photography has taught him about our need to respect nature. Listen to the interview from CBC’s Sunday Magazine:

Visit Thomas’s web site:


For UK photographer and anthropologist Liz Hingley, the COVID-19 crisis brought home the need to rebuild a connection with the natural world. She began the "Nature of Care" project 10 months ago to help nurses and doctors in London cope with pandemic-induced stress and anxiety by teaching them nature photography skills. The World, March 29, 2021.

Producer Joyce Hackel.


From Hollie Friesen Studios:

April 9 - 14: ONLINE exhibition with Artwrks:

A forest of new paintings from the trees. This past year, Hollie Friesen has spent more time with the trees than with humans. Their quiet friendship has revealed much about their sentient nature and inherent beauty. Sign up HERE to be notified of the PRESALE:


Square Foot show and sale:

The Square Foot Show, now online, is an art show showcasing collections of original artworks from featured artists, many in the New York State area.

All paintings are 12×12 inches and just $250.00 each plus $20.00 shipping. At the end of the show, the artists will ship their paintings to you!


Hello! It is with pleasure that I invite you to my exhibition "Féeries sous la mer" held at Georges Laoun Opticien from April 6th to 29th. I will show twenty colorful artworks on the theme of coral reefs. It is preferable to reserve a time for your visit either at or by calling me at 514-657-5998. This is not obligatory, but the sanitary measures allow for a maximum of 8 visitors at a time.

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