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WASM Newsletter for April 19, 2021


Community Events:


One of Canada’s Great songwriters - Wille Dunn

“Stay Ready!” Simple yet complex words from an Indigenous trailblazer. This episode is all about one of the greatest singers, songwriters, and storytellers of the past century. Hear his songs on CBC’s Reclaimed with Jarrett Martineau:

Interview with Tom Power of CBC’s q:

With the release of Creation Never Sleeps, Creation Never Dies: The Willie Dunn Anthology, producers Lawrence Dunn and Kevin Howes explain why folk singer Willie Dunn deserves a place among Canada's most legendary musicians.

Willie Dunn films on the NFB:


André Gagnon, 1936-2020.


Michel Louvain:

Many Quebecers are mourning Michel Louvain this morning. In 2012, he gave an interview to Breakaway host Jacquie Czemin. He was about to perform in his hometown of Thetford Mines. He shared his pride about singing in front of his family and former schoolmates. Louvain also spoke openly about the unique relationship he had with his female fans.

Michel’s web site:


Musicologist completes Mozart's unfinished songs, admits it was 'a bit presumptuous'. Timothy Jones releases choose-your-own-adventure style album with different possible endings.

Mozart expert Timothy Jones, right, has written possible endings to several of Mozart's uncompleted works. (Historical Archives/Getty Images, Submitted by Timothy Jones)

CBC Radio “As It Happens”:


Books and films to check out:

Cookbook - Cucina Povera by Vincent Scordo

My grandmother, great aunts, mother, and relatives on the family farm during the yearly wheat harvest.

What is Cucina Povera?

A friend recently asked me to explain the concept of cucina povera and here’s the working definition I came up with: A style of cooking best represented, in the past, by the lower class (read: peasants) of a given society. Peasant cooking aims to utilize whatever is found in the kitchen, household, farm, etc. to prepare meals. The concept of cucina povera (literally meaning poor kitchen) can be found in every society and is really about making great food with simple, yet high quality, and available ingredients (including every part of the animal such as cow intestine, pig ears, goat head, etc.).

Fundraising for Meals for Milton Parc:


A new HBO documentary, Tina, tells the story of Tina Turner from her humble beginnings in Tennessee to her massive worldwide fame. The film also shows how the relentless media and fan focus on her abusive marriage to Ike Turner retraumatized her throughout her life. Directors T.J. Martin and Dan Lindsay joined Tom Power to talk about building a relationship with the iconic singer, and how they went about sharing her incredible life story. To listen to this interview:

If you subscribe to Crave TV, you can watch the film here:


From The National Arts Centre.

Red Sky Performance founder Sandra Laronde reflects on 20 years of the Indigenous dance company.

The executive and artistic director of Red Sky Performance, Sandra Laronde, joined Tom Power to talk about celebrating the Canadian dance company's 20th anniversary. Laronde and her company are now the focus of a new film called More than Dance, We are a Movement.

To listen to the interview:

Or, catch this soon online until April 20, 2021. “More than a Dance”:



SUCO and Funambules Médias are pleased to present the 3rd edition of Ciné Vert! The environmental documentary film festival will take place entirely online from April 13 to 24, 2021. Throughout the festival, 9 feature films and 5 short films will be presented online for free. The films presented will be accompanied by live discussions with filmmakers and specialists in the biggest environmental issues of the day.

Ciné Vert is a documentary film festival on the environment, whose mission is to support ecological transition. Through its different components, combining documentary film on the environment and exchange and reflection activities that promote public debate, it enables a process of mobilization and citizen engagement to be initiated, leading to actions and initiatives. promising initiatives in terms of ecological transition.

Still lots of great films to see at this festival:


80 years since the arrival of Bohuslav Martinů in NY. 31 MAR 2021 – 30 APR 2021, online event.

Let’s travel back in time and join pre-war New York to welcome the charming Czech composer Bohuslav Martinů. It was 80 years ago when, on March 31, 1941, the ship with Martinů and his wife Charlotte on board entered the harbor. The Year of Bohuslav Martinů in New York continues with a series of online music and talks featuring musicians, composers and scholars.


WASM members are exhibiting their works! But catch this soon, it ends April 25th.

Métèque #4, an exhibition organized to celebrate the gallery’s fourth year. The exhibition will take place between March 30 and April 25, 2021.


This World That was Mine by Louis E. Leprohon – the paintings of Marcel Dargis.

The museum team invites you to enjoy Spring 2021.


Online Fashion Event and Fundraiser:

Next Saturday night, you're invited to attend a virtual fashion show with the theme The Royal Court of Versailles. The show will feature mostly Montreal designers and Concordia students on the runway. It's their annual event, and as you watch the show from home, you'll be supporting the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation. Lana Bober, president of Concordia’s CASA Cares student group, tells us about the event.

Benefiting the Montreal Children’s Hospital:

From CBC’s All in a Weekend: Listen to Ainslie’s interview with Lana Bober:


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