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WASM Members are exhibiting

The Women’s Art Studio of Montreal continues to contribute to the evolving artistic scene of Montreal. The original works exhibited at its Annual Exhibitions showcase the talents of its members. For the first time, this year’s exhibition will be online! W.A.S. members are very excited by this new online initiative that will allo

w us to share our works with a larger public. We invite you to look at the works in our online gallery and enjoy a variety of styles and techniques.Thursday, September 30 to Monday, October 4, 2021.


LYME - MAKING THE INVISIBLE VISIBLE is collective exhibition that features 14 Quebec artists, among which are three WASM members: Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein, Lavi Picu and Maggie Romanovici. It is a charitable art event that aims to raise awareness about the invisible symptoms of Lyme disease as well of those of mental health. 10% of the proceeds will be donated to AMQL (Association Québecoise de la Maladie de Lyme). The vernissage will be on October 2nd, from 2:00PM to late. The address of the Saturday Swim Gallery is 2151 rue de la Montagne, downtown Montreal. Reservations required.

Pink : Lime, Making the Invisible Visible, at SATUR DAY SWIMº gallery. (


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