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Beaded poppies are a source of pride and resilience for this Indigenous designer. Crystal Behn says it usually takes 7-8 hours of sewing beads and quills onto moose hide to make each poppy.

Some of Crystal Behn's beaded poppies. (Submitted by Crystal Behn)


Mary Riter Hamilton, Canada's first female battlefield artist, helped the country 'grieve mass loss'. The painter produced the largest known collection of First World War art.

Professor Irene Gammel resurrects the life and legacy of Mary Riter Hamilton and the significance of her art in her biography I Can Only Paint: The Story of Battlefield Painter Mary Riter Hamilton. (McGill-Queen's University Press)


Micro ouvert autochtone 2022, ESPACE CULTUREL GEORGES-ÉMILE - les 12 LAPALME,et 13 novembre 2022.



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