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From Place des Arts:

In the early 1900s, near Quebec City, the construction of a bridge linking the north and south shores of the St. Lawrence River ended in disaster when the bridge collapsed, killing 33 workers from the Mohawk community of Kahnawake. One of the victims was Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo’s great-grandfather. Through Sky Dancers, Diabo tells her own story and that of the Mohawk people, who are still living with the fallout from this tragic event. Featuring eight dancers and a musician (most of them Indigenous), the show explores powerful themes such as disaster, family, community, and resilience.


Four free webcasts all about La Maison symphonique:

This discussion will bring together leaders involved in the construction of the Maison symphonique, including the development of its famed acoustics, and women who played a key role in the crucial initiatives leading to its inauguration in 2011.

Discover how the Maison symphonique, originally built for the benefit of the OSM, has enhanced the artistic programming of numerous producers specializing in large-scale amplified or “classical pop” concerts.

In this discussion, we will explore the perspective of performers who have appeared on stage at the Maison symphonique during the past ten years. A talk with Dina Gilbert, Charles Richard-Hamelin, Suzanne Taffot and Jean-Willy Kunz.

The new music director of the OSM, which is in residence at the Maison symphonique, Rafael Payare, will share his appreciation of the venue’s exceptional facilities and the intriguing possibilities it holds for the artistic project upon which he is embarking with his new orchestra.


ASTERIA - Free with registration: ASTERIA - Salle d'exposition | Place des Arts

The ASTERIA exhibition is a spectacular, immersive musical journey created by Marcella Grimaux, delving into the fertile worlds of Alexandra Stréliski, Vincent Vallières, Dominique Fils-Aimé, Fouki, and Daniel Bélanger.

Learn more here:


Lots to see and hear for the Fall “back to school” line-up. Check out the full programming right here: Back to School 2021 | Place des Arts


Some of the films are “digital screenings.



The passing of an iconic composer:

Miki Theodorakis in 1971 (

Mikis Theodorakis, composer of Zorba the Greek, dies aged 96.


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