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Museums, Galleries, and Archives:

Archives de Montréal est un site entièrement consacré aux archives historiques de la Ville de Montréal. Nourri par nos découvertes, nos projets, nos intérêts ou ce que nous inspire l’actualité, il cherche à rejoindre autant les plus férus amateurs d’histoire que l’ensemble des citoyens montréalais. Nous vous invitons à participer à nos activités en nous écrivant et en nous faisant part de vos commentaires, suggestions et recommandations. Ce site constitue l’entrée principale de notre plate-forme. Il comprend plus de 400 articles élaborés en phase avec l’actualité, qui constituent autant de portes d’entrées thématiques vers nos archives. Ce site mène à tous nos outils spécialisés de diffusion : catalogue en ligne, médias sociaux, données ouvertes, expositions virtuelles et autres.


Reopening of the Winnipeg Art Gallery and Qaumajuq

The WAG is closed to the public until March 27 when Qaumajuq officially opens! We’ve got special hours for the opening week and advanced registration is required with a free timed ticket.

Qaumajuq is an innovative new museum, home of the largest public collection of contemporary Inuit art in the world. This first-of-its-kind centre connects to the WAG on all levels, creating a 185,000-square-foot cultural campus in the heart of downtown Winnipeg.

Qaumajuq will bridge Canada’s North and South through exhibitions, research, education, and art making. A community of artists, Indigenous advisors, partners, and stakeholders have collaborated to envision and build a vibrant gathering place where all are welcome and where everyone’s stories are told and heard in a true spirit of reconciliation. Learn more here:


Virtual Exhibition at the MAC - Leonard Cohen

The exhibition is divided into four major themes ubiquitous in Cohen's work: Poetic Thought, Spirituality & Humility, Love and Loss & Desire. Each visitor decides on their own route and can access the rich documentation by exploring the exhibition either through one of these themes (in the Explore section) or by works and artists (in the Gallery section). These two sections offer visitors an alternative entry point to the monumental and sometimes unprecedented content of the exhibition: hundreds of images, audio and video clips, quotes, and biographies of artists, as well as songs, interviews, poems. and self-portraits by Cohen.


Oasis Immersion - Palais des congrès MTL, until April 30, 2021.

Discover the inspiring journeys of astronaut David Saint-Jacques from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), pianist Alexandra Stréliski and video artist Émile Roy; also featuring: the new architectural wonders of the world, wellness hygge style and a tribute to Quebec’s creativity, all in a 119-surround sound speaker environment lit by no less than 105 laser projectors. OASIS immersion presents Inspirations, its very first exhibition. For its premiere exhibition, the OASIS immersion team is extremely proud to present Inspirations, an immersive experience that will transport you into worlds both inspiring and deeply moving. With its 105 laser projectors and 119 surround sound speakers, OASIS immersion promises to both enthrall and invigorate you, thanks to the contribution of local multimedia artists and musicians. Kindly note that some portions of the exhibition are only in French.


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