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Pi Day is observed every year on March 14 to commemorate the mathematical constant of Pi.


Do you want to share your passion for Montreal and learn more about its architecture and history? Would you like to contribute to heritage awareness and promotion? Join Héritage Montréal’s team of volunteer guides! We are currently recruiting volunteer guides for our next edition of ArchitecTours® guided tours.


The JUNOS are coming to Halifax! Hosted by legendary singer, songwriter and pop superstar, Nelly Furtado, watch as the biggest names in music come together at Scotiabank Centre Sunday, March 24.

How to tune in to the 2024 Juno Awards - The big awards night will be broadcast live on March 24, 2024. (CBC)


Swinging and singing: How the violin speaks to us. For musician and radio producer David Schulman, the violin can swing and sing like nothing else.

Musician David Schulman plays his violin among spruce trees in northern Italy. Experts believe Antonio Stradivari constructed his celebrated violins using trees such as the ones in this area. (Submitted by David Schulman)


Nominated for best documentary: TO KILL A TIGER - Nisha Pahuja, Cornelia Principe and David Oppenheim. In To Kill a Tiger, Ranjit, a farmer in Jharkhand, India, takes on the fight of his life when he demands justice for his 13-year-old daughter, the survivor of sexual assault. In India, where a rape is reported every 20 minutes and conviction rates are less than 30 percent, Ranjit’s decision to support his daughter is virtually unheard of, and his journey unprecedented.


Indigenous filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin and the quiet power of listening. 'Your life is sacred. You must change the perspective from limitations to all is possible,' says Obomsawin.

Prolific Abenaki artist and filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin talks about her life’s influences and the power of listening in her 2023 Beatty lecture delivered at McGill University in October 2023. (Owen Egan/Joni Dufour)


Wutanminu - Our Community. 22 March – 30 November 2024.

Opening: 21 March, 5-7 pm | Fogo Island Gallery.


In a time of global conflict, photo quilts offer unlikely solace. Jenny Matthews’ work is proof that a camera is a weapon in the hands of women, empowering them to dismantle societal norms and document untold stories.

Sudan at war, original image 1987, 2023


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