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Tour d'horizon sur la créativité aux quatre coins du pays.

D'ouest en est, du nord au sud, explorez la richesse créative du territoire canadien et découvrez plus de 70 artisans passionnés. Plongez au coeur de ce qui les inspire et dénichez des objets singuliers, beaux et durables.


Concordia Lecture:

Marianne Vierø - A Matter of Form (video still), courtesy of the artist

The Plastic Conservation Conundrum: Preserving Plastics in Museum Collections and Plastics’ Durability in the Environment. Registration here:


Jacques Pépin is a pioneer in food television and a prolific cookbook author. His latest is called Quick & Simple. He spoke with Tom Power about his extensive career and how food TV has evolved throughout the years.

Yes! He paints too!


Filmmaker Danis Goulet spoke with Tom Power about the real-life inspiration behind her debut feature film, a dystopian sci-fi thriller called Night Raiders. It follows a Cree mother and daughter living in a post-war future, where all children must report to a state-run boarding school while their parents live under military watch. Night Raiders hits theatres across Canada on Friday, Oct. 8.

“Night Raiders” trailer:

Playing at Cineplex


Chanel M. Sutherland is a writer and product marketing director living in Montreal. (Submitted by Chanel M. Sutherland)

Chanel Sutherland is this year's CBC Books' Non-Fiction Prize winner!

In a few paragraphs and poetic lines, Chanel's very personal short-story - Umbrella - gives us all some greater insight into what it means to be Black, a teenage girl, a small-island immigrant searching for her identity in a big new place.


There could not be a better story for Halloween.

Ben Rockey-Harris and Danielle Witt thought they'd found the house of their dreams in Cottage City, Md. Then they found it had inspired one of Hollywood's greatest nightmares. (Submitted by Ben Rockey-Harris)

A couple bought their dream home. Then they learned it was The Exorcist house. Read all about it right here:


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