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Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022


Wow! At the Quebec Convention Centre, Quebec City:,inaccessible%20place%3A%20the%20Canadian%20Arctic.

This exhibition invites the audience on a journey to a mysterious and almost inaccessible place: the Canadian Arctic. As they travel through images taken from filmmaker Mario Cyr’s expeditions, visitors will be drawn into the breathtaking beauty of the spectacular landscapes. On until February 13, 2022.


WASM members at Stewart Hall:

Stewart Hall has the new artworks up, but the tour of the gallery shows last years’ collection. However, you can see all the 2022 collection artists and their artworks separately, here:


We ring in the new year with our musical favorites. Happy New Year from The World!

Arooj Aftab, photo by Diana Markosian

For this holiday show, we’ve pulled together a sampling of some of our favorite music features and interviews over the past year. The World, first aired on Dec. 30, 2021 · 3:45 PM EST.


Cremona and violins.

Photo c/o Global News

Rome correspondent Megan Williams has covered everything from Italian politics and migration to the Vatican and the Venice Biennale for almost two decades. Her award-winning documentaries can be heard on Ideas, The Current, and other CBC shows. Megan is a regular guest host of As It Happens and The Current.

Canadian violin maker makes his mark in the Italian town where the instrument was invented | CBC News


Chocolate - a story of success and peace!

Peace by Chocolate is a story of new beginnings. As newcomers to Canada, the Hadhad family rebuilt their family run chocolate business into a symbol for international peace and hope. For more than 20 years, they shipped their specialty treats all over the Middle East. Like much of their homeland, the Hadhad chocolate factory was destroyed in a bombing that forced the family to leave everything behind and flee. With the support of their new Canadian community in Antigonish Nova Scotia, and the people of Nova Scotia, they have rebuilt their chocolate company and are once again doing the work they love.

The book:

From The Next Chapter on CBC:

About the film:


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