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Happy Mother's Day


International Nurses Day: 5 reasons why the world still remembers Florence Nightingale. (Story by Wion Web Team)

International Nurses Day: 5 reasons why the world still remembers Florence Nightingale (

A short history of nursing, one of the world's most impactful professions. (Story by Stars Insider)


Florence 2022 Award nominee Stephanie Bumba talks about her work within Quebec and in the DRC. We speak with one of the nominees for the Florence Award from the Quebec Nurses Federation. Stephanie Bumba is a nurse clinician and has a web series called “Ces afro-scientifiques d’hier à aujourd’hui" that looks at the work of Black healthcare pioneers. She also talks about working remotely with women in the Democratic Republic of Congo to improve their health awareness.


New exhibit “Bijin: Beauté à la japonaise” explores the idea of beauty through two Japanese artists. The work of artists Yukiko Hashizume and Kaori Izumiya is on display at the Conseil des arts de Montréal until June 23rd and on the Artasiam website. We speak with Kaori Izumiya about the portraits she's created that explore and challenge the idea of feminine beauty.


Artasiam website:


Summer treats with a twist:

The owners of "Crèmerie Meetha" in Parc Extension celebrate their Asian heritage with unique ice cream flavours. With flavours like Elaichi pista (cardamom pistachio) and Madras kaapi (South Indian coffee) Crèmerie Meetha (787A de Liege Rue O Montreal) offers something a little different than the usual chocolate or vanilla ice cream. We speak with the owners, Aakruti and Deexit Patel about honouring their take on the flavours of their Indian heritage.


On CBC Ideas - 'Swamp as sacred space': Save wetlands to save ourselves, say experts.

Forty years ago, Highway 101 was built to cross over the Avon River. The road is now being expanded, cutting into the Windsor Salt Marsh, and ecologists say construction will mean the loss of valuable habitat and ecosystem services. (Moira Donovan)

The photographs of Thaddeus Holownia, wetlands and more:


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