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Lectures, Workshops - all online of course:

Concordia University’s engAGE aspires to change how we think about aging. Through innovative, collaborative, interdisciplinary research, engAGE researchers work with older people and their communities in order to address challenges and facilitate opportunities in all realms of life: social, physical, cognitive, emotional and political.

Register for the next talk - COVID-19, Aging and Well-being: One Year Later.


From the WAAC - Online Events:


1. March 16 to April 30 open to the public: Members Exhibition REFRACTIVE MOMENTS: Exploring Light and Life

3. April 15, 1-2 p.m. open to the public: Artist Voice: Weaving a Way of Life with Carolyn Jongeward, Abstract artist, tapestry weaver, researcher and writer/editor. Register FREE until April 8 with Cal at Members $10, Non-members $15 after April 8. The Artist Voice is a monthly lecture series brought to you by the WAAC Arts Committee

5. April 28, 1-2 p.m. open to the public: WAAC Luncheon Lecture Series with Dr. Jon Dellandreas, The Great Canadian Art Fraud. Register FREE until April 21 with Cal at Members $10, Non-members $15 after April 21. This monthly lecture series is brought to you by the WAAC Program Committee.


Books and films to check out:

Reviewed by Roger Ebert:


Toronto’s Kazik Radwanski on his award-winning film Anne at 13,000 ft. Canadian filmmaker Kazik Radwanski joined Tom Power to talk about his award-winning drama Anne at 13,000 ft, about a shy, socially awkward daycare worker whose life is transformed after she skydives for the first time. The film recently won the $100,000 Rogers Best Canadian Film Award at the Toronto Critics Association Awards. Radwanski explained his personal connection to the story and how he got the film’s lead actress to jump out of a place — twice.

From TIFF:


Roger Ebert reviews Nomadland:


Ken Burns America on PBS - a three-part series on Hemmingway.

Miss the broadcast of Hemingway on TV? All episodes of Hemingway are available to stream at starting April 5 at 8pm ET. Watch full episodes of Hemingway here or on your favorite streaming device: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android, iOS device, or Samsung Smart TV using the PBS Video app.


The Bedside Book of Birds - Graeme Gibson

In this stunning assemblage of words and images, novelist and avid birdwatcher Graeme Gibson offers an extraordinary tribute to the venerable relationship between humans and birds.

Margaret Atwood's late partner loved birds. In the pandemic, she sees how they help people feel less alone. Hear Margaret Atwood talk about this book on CBC’s The Current with Matt Galloway:


Kim Novak and her art:

Kim Novak was a box office star during Hollywood’s Golden Age, sharing credits with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Alfred Hitchcock — but the highs of this time also came with deep lows. Novak faced huge pressure and even suffered abuse under Hollywood’s studio system. Luckily, she always had her art to turn to for relief. Now in her late 80s, Novak is releasing a book of her paintings, titled Kim Novak: Her Art and Life. She joined Tom Power to tell us more.

The book:


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