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Meet and Eat at Lee's Garden

A look at the history and social impact of the Chinese Canadian restaurant through a daughter's memories of her own family’s restaurant on Parc Avenue in the 1950s. Watch this amazing documentary on CBC Television, Nov 14, 2020, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM, or catch it on CBC Gem as part of the “Absolutely Canadian” series here:


On CBC q with Tom Power and Marcus Samuelsson:

Marcus Samuelsson is an award-winning chef, international restaurateur, and host of the PBS/Eater series No Passport Required, which looks at the influence of immigrants on American food. His new cookbook called The Rise is now available.

No Passport Required - read all about this series with Chef Marcus Samuelsson right here (note - the videos may not work in our area, but you can do a search for No Passport Required and see some YouTube videos):

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