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Fogo Island Young Curator Residency

FINAL CALL FOR EMERGING CURATORS Hnatyshyn Foundation Young Curator Residency Deadline: January 14, 2022, at midnight EST Residency period: The residency period is six weeks in June-July or September-October 2023, but other dates may be possible, subject to availability. Fogo Island Arts and The Hnatyshyn Foundation are seeking applications from young Canadian curators for a six-week residency in 2023. The Hnatyshyn Foundation-Fogo Island Arts Young Curator Residency program provides opportunities for emerging Canadian curators between the ages of 25 and 30 to participate in a residency with Fogo Island Arts. During the residency period, participants have opportunities to work and interact with Fogo Island Arts staff, Canadian and international artists-in-residence, and members of the community.

The program guidelines and application portal are available online at The Hnatyshyn Foundation. Apply online:

Contact: Director, The Hnatyshyn Foundation,(613) 233-0108 or

Programme Coordinator, Fogo Island Arts, 709-266-1248


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