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Film from the Wisdom of Trauma team - limited time to see it!

Brought to you by the Wisdom of Trauma team:

We are excited to let you know that today we officially launched The Wisdom of Trauma Movie premiere and Talks on Trauma Series. Over 250,000 have already registered for the event. Thanks to everyone for supporting the project and sharing the film and special event!

You can now watch the movie here for the next 7 days: Wisdom of Trauma - Movie Premiere | Wisdom of Trauma

You can also watch the replay of today’s session for the next 24 hours: Event Hub | Wisdom of Trauma

Today's first kick-off event featured Dr. Gabor Maté, Zaya Benazzo, Maurizio Benazzo, & special guest Raffi. Raffi debuted a new song about trauma, Song for Healing, that you can listen to on the replay.

Our second talk was on Somatic Abolitionism: Nurturing Healing Communities w/ Resmaa Menakem & Dr. Gabor Maté.


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