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Exhibits, events, and news in the arts - Feb 8, 2024

At the Fairmount Theatre - 10 FÉVRIER, 8:30 p.m.  11:00 p.m.

Celebrating 40 years:

Lorraine’s web site: 


Are you a great home baker?


Photography and lots of AI:

Generative AI from Nvidia - Generative AI Research Spotlight: Personalizing Text-to-Image Models:

Fantasy Worlds: A Community Digital Art Showcase | NVIDIA Studio Standouts. Watch here:


Date & Time: Feb 15, 2024, 07:00 PM in America/Toronto

Description: Join Renowned Photographer Lisa Langell and Eclipse Experts Les Anderson & Mary Anderson for a live webinar on how to Photograph The Total Eclipse on April 8, 2024.


Remembering Brian Griffin (1948-2024) - Martin Parr, Anne Braybon and François Hébel commemorate a photographer who moved seamlessly between portraiture, art direction, documentary and advertising in a peerless career.

Martin In my Room Elsynge Road Wandsworth, London, 1977. All images © Brian Griffin. Courtesy of MMX Gallery


Exhibit at Dawson College:

One artist is revitalizing ancestral art with birch bark. Have you ever heard of birch bark biting? We'll find out more with Craig Commanda who revitalizes this ancestral art practice. He is a multidisciplinary Anishinaabe artist.



More controversy – This time, Hawaiian pizza:

Canadian inventor of Hawaiian pizza defends pineapple after Iceland's president disses fruit topping.

The story from Megan Williams:



Heard on: Spark

The Life of Imagination explores how imagination shapes the everyday human experience. Using philosophy, cognitive science and literary theory, this book demonstrates how imagination works at the core of transformative thinking to be an essential part of how we change our engagement with the world and ourselves.

Jennifer Gosetti-Ferencei is a professor of German and philosophy at John Hopkins University. Her previous books include Heidegger, Hölderlin, and the Subject of Poetic Language, The Ecstatic Quotidian and a poetry collection, After the Palace Burns.

LISTEN | Nora Young discusses the power of imagination in building alternate futures: How to set our imagination free to build the technological futures we want. Imagination is often dismissed as childish, or a frill. But it also lets us picture alternative futures, and technologies that haven't been invented yet. So how do we harness our imagination? And in an age where Big Tech promises to solve our problems for us, how do we use our imaginations to build the futures we want?


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