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De-Stress + Sketch with McGill Visual Arts Collection. This holiday season, we invite you to sketch an artwork from our collection at home and share it back to us. Send an image of your inspired sketch to by January 5th, 2024.

P. Roy Wilson (1900-2001), Dorval Manor House, 2000, Watercolour on paper, 27.5 x 37.5 cm. Gift of the artist. McGill Visual Arts Collection, 2002-033.

P. Roy Wilson was a McGill-trained architect who especially valued Quebec architecture. In 1975, he published a book highlighting traditional Québecois dwellings titled, The Beautiful Old Houses of Quebec – which is available for loan from the McGill Libraries. This charming watercolour painting is on view on the 4th floor of McGill’s Schulich Library of Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering.



At the McCord (Sunday, January 7 is the first Sunday of the month: take advantage of free admission for residents Quebec):

The Museum’s Archives collection includes nearly 1,000 cookbooks and recipe pamphlets produced between the mid-18th and early 21st centuries. Appealing in more ways than one, the collection offers information about changing eating habits, social norms surrounding meals, the role of women in the family home, advertising, and the development of new culinary practices.


Extract from the booklet Chatelaine Seasonal Soirées (detail), about 1980. Gift of Shawn Rosengarten, Recipes and Food Collection C265, M2009.71.15, McCord Stewart Museum


Chefs and food writers share the recipes and cookbooks that brought them comfort this year. We revisit Matt Galloway’s conversation with deputy food editor for the New York Times Genevieve Ko about the best recipes of the year, and culinary experts Jonathan Cheung and Lucy Waverman recommend cookbooks from 2023.



Artist to know about:

Montreal textile artist Kesso Saulnier feels like a better mom because she's an artist. Kesso Saulnier spends hours, in some cases days, hand-stitching colourful threads into scenes from her everyday life as a mother. Some of her works illustrate the physical and emotional pain of having a miscarriage. Balancing the two roles — artist and mother — is enriching as it is exhausting. 


Music stories from CBC Ideas:

Horn of Plenty: The Saxophone and the Spirit - The undeniably cool saxophone has been a staple of jazz music and popular culture for nearly a century. But some music historians say that what’s often been overlooked are its deep roots in spiritual beliefs and religious ritual.


Ordinary Magic: The Musical Genius of Jerry Granelli - A profile of the legendary jazz drummer and composer Jerry Granelli who passed away in 2021. Over his career, he accompanied many of the greats: Mose Allison, Sly Stone, and The Grateful Dead. Most famously, he was a member of the Vince Guaraldi Trio that recorded the iconic album: A Charlie Brown Christmas.


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