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Events to keep you busy!

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, July 26th, at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET to discover how to become a more effective and influential communicator.

Whether you’re a teacher, an artist, or a business professional, this FREE webinar will give you insight into creating more successful and productive interactions – both in-person and online.

Our guest speaker, Tim May, is a Wacom-wielding master of visual communication and strategy. He'll show you how to utilize a Wacom device and the digital tools available to you to create simple yet powerful visuals and deliver presentations that will make a lasting impact.

For more info and registration:


Montreal Highland Games - Sunday, July 31, 2022, ​Douglas Hospital grounds, Verdun, Quebec.

After two years of virtual events, the Montreal Highland Games is back in person this year on July 31st and that includes the Scottish Dance Competition. We speak with dance competition coordinator and head of registration, Debbie Johnstone, about the kinds of Scottish dance in the competition and details about the games.


Plenty happening at Botanical Garden MTL.

Catch this! Only until July 31st, 2022.

Also catch some of the concerts near the Rose Garden:

Then, for the month of August, the Montreal Botanical Garden is offering people an exploration of the garden, through their taste buds. It’s an activity that aims to inspire people to think about food, culture, and other things. We speak with the event coordinator for Espace pour la vie, Sonia Dandaneau.

Montreal Botanical Garden: "Taste Your Garden"


All you need to know about Africa Fashion Week in Montreal:

The African Fashion week is coming up in Montreal! We'll speak with a co-organizer to learn about how it will be celebrating African & Caribbean Talents, History, Art, and Culture.

Some events are sold out, but outdoor events are open:


Have a look at this duo’s unique performance - Conrad Tao & Caleb Teicher:

They will be performing at the St-Sauveur Arts Festival:


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