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Exhibits and events:

Four artists who met and became friends when we all had studios in the same building are joining together for this exhibition entitled “4 Pallettes". It is our first in-gallery exhibition since the pandemic. Marja Hogan is showing detailed oil paintings of flowers, Sandra Boorne is exhibiting acrylic and mixed media abstracted floral paintings, Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo will show mixed media works of birds and flowers painted in oil on Japanese papers and I will present photographs of iconic Montreal landmarks, printed on acrylic. While this may seem like an unusual combination, the artists’ different approaches to the world around them come together to make this a fascinating show.



Le Complexe Desjardins a le plaisir de se transformer à nouveau en véritable salle de concert le temps d’une fin de semaine pour accueillir la 10e édition de la Virée Classique. À cette occasion, de nombreux artistes de haut calibre déploieront tout leur talent sur la scène de la Grande-Place. Une belle célébration musicale pour se réunir en famille ou entre amis! 18 - 20 AOÛT.


For this 4th edition of Celebrating Entomophilia, the Insectarium makes an appearance at MUTEK Montréal, with a musical creation by Leon Louder. This four-beat piece has been created entirely with sounds produced by insects. Playful and magnetic, the energy of insects permeates this ecosystem of sounds, unfolding quirky polyrhythms and sensitive harmonies.

The performance will take place on August 22 at 6:30 pm, on the outdoor stage at the Esplanade Tranquille. The composition will then be available for online listening on various platforms. A podcast discussing Leon Louder’s process in creating this piece will also be broadcast this fall.


Ariana and Curtis will be performing in Montreal:

Samedi 26 août au P'tit Bar (3451 rue Saint-Denis) 21h Vendredi 22 septembre au P'tit Bar (3451 rue Saint-Denis) 21h



Visit the World Press Photo Exhibition 2023 on its world-wide tour showcasing the stories that matter with photography from the 66th annual World Press Photo Contest.

World Press Photo - Marché Bonsecours, 325, de la Commune Street East, Montreal,

30 August 2023 to 15 October 2023.


The Australian-born curator has been responsible for some of the most significant shows of the last 15 years. She talks fairs, mentors, and the problem with arts education.


MEAGHAN OGILVIE - Check out her images from Palau where she swam in one of the largest marine protected areas in the world.⁠


Anthotype is an alternative process where you create an emulsion using plant pigments and print your photograph using the sun. World Anthotype Day is a FREE global event that invites beginners and experienced anthotypers to participate! The second World Anthotype Day is now open for entries until 19th of August 2023 (the 3rd Saturday in August).

Example c/o Anne Guest:


Concordia MU Mural Walking Tour. Join us for a private tour of some of Montreal’s finest murals created by Concordia alumni! This 90-minute private tour will walk us through the streets of Montreal to view 20+ murals, many created by graduates of Concordia’s Faculty of Fine Arts. The tour will finish at a local hang-out where participants can mingle and chat over their favourite summer refreshment. Wednesday, August 30, 2023.

5:30 p.m. Group 1 departs. Concordia University

6:00 p.m. Group 2 departs. Concordia University

Start - Les Habitations Jeanne Mance, 142 Ontario St. E., Montreal. Cost: $10*



Guernica Editions - Guernica's 45th anniversary celebrations, fall catalogue, and more.


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