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Invitation from fellow WASM member, Shaune Thompson:


Art or science? No matter how you look at these amazing images, they are sure to inspire you. James Webb telescope captures ground-breaking images of distant galaxies.

More on astrophotography brought to you by Zenfolio:


Documentary photography brought to you by Blind:

Documentary photographers, and photojournalists, are pillars of the photography industry and important voices that witness and report the world's most important events and phenomena. They also are the most famous ones, from Robert Capa to Henri Cartier-Bresson, from Sebastiao Salgado to Elliott Erwitt or Raymond Depardon. The team at Blind has curated some of the latest trends, and beautiful or decisive images of the genre in history, at a time where we need their testimonies more than never.


Golden hour photography, curated by Format:

The golden hour, sometimes called the "magic hour", is roughly the first hour of light after sunrise, and the last hour of light before sunset, although the exact duration varies between seasons. During these times the sun is low in the sky, producing a soft, diffused light that is much more flattering than the midday sun that can create unwanted harsh shadows. Browse through this glowing curation of golden hour images for inspiration and sale.


Moose Peterson – American photographer:


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