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What is a Meet and Greet?

Every year, at the start of the season, WASM holds a short gathering. This is an opportunity for members to socialize with each other, and to bring their friends who might be interested in joining to learn more about what the WASM is all about.  Refreshments are served, and there is usually an ice breaker game with prizes.

This year we have the great fortune of having been invited to hold it at the Avmor Collection, a gorgeous gallery space which is usually closed to the public.



What is the Avmor Collection?

Avmor Group founder, Avrum Morrow, passed away last year. Through the collection, he still shares his love affair with Montreal, the city’s architecture and the local art world through his dedication to the Avmor Collection. It is an art gallery housed in the company’s original headquarters in the heart of Old Montreal. The permanent collection boasts over 300 works of art, all depicting the inspiring facade of the historic Avmor building on Saint Helene street.

For 40 years, Mr. Morrow commissioned paintings, sculptures, photographs and drawings from artists young and old, famous and unknown. A testament to his dedication to the continuation of the gallery and its works of art, personal tours of the collection are by approval and appointment only.


What kind of ice breaker game are we having this year?

In order to honor our beautiful location, the team has devised a “hidden object hunt”, A list of “hidden” items can be found in the paintings throughout the collection. People who make an attempt at answering all the questions will be entered into a draw for some small prizes.


Is there a fee?

The meet and greet is free to attend, however we ask members to bring finger foods to share. In order to coordinate, please e-mail Hospitality Chairperson Bonnie Hill at:



Can members bring their artwork or crafts?

While we have in the past allowed members to bring their artowrk, because we are in a very full gallery space, it will not be permitted this year. A separate event is being planned to allow members to share their work.

Date and Time

Thursday, September 19th, 2019. 1:30-3:30 pm.



Please note:

-  The doors will not be open until 1:10 pm.

-  We must leave at 3:30 in order to give the staff time to clean up the gallery, as agreed with  the Gallery manager.

- There is construction blocking the bottom of  Rue ste-Helene, and parking may be tricky.



Schedule of Events

1:30-2:30 – Arrival of members and guests

2:45 – Short speech by president and prize announcements

3:30 – Departure of members and guests



Address and Directions

445 Sainte-Hélène St

Montreal, QC H2Y 2K9

avmor directions.png
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