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Marie-José Gélinas


I am a self-taught artist. As an intensely curious person, have always observed and interpreted the world around me. As a young girl, I drew: in pencil, charcoal, ink, pastel. A lifelong diarist, I am a dedicated writer. Creative work is the way I make sense of things.


I am primarily a painter of landscapes. Early on, I painted impressionistic oil paintings, inspired by places that were meaningful to me.


Over time, I realized that my source was the feeling I got when I was in the landscape. I connected to the energy of transformation, the hope inherent in the cyclical nature of everything, and the constant movement generated by the endless recurrence of these cycles.


Through this process, I learned that the story told by the landscape is my story too. In nature, I am the witness. The landscape surrounds me, but it also reaches in to connect to the part of me that belongs here. Being in nature restores my sense of belonging in this place, at this time. No matter where I am in the natural world, I can find that thread to my inner landscape.

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