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Maggie Romanovici

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Maggie Romanovici was born in Romania, during the Communist dictatorship. In a closed society, there was an attraction to the arts and culture in general, as the only escape in life. Maggie showed a natural inclination towards drawing and colored pencils early on. In elementary school, teachers noticed that Maggie was very talented at drawing. Her father, also having had a penchant for painting, exerted an important influence on the artistic development of his daughter.

Maggie began to attend art school. Here, for six years, she formally learned drawing, watercolor, oil painting, and whatever else the school curriculum contained. Then she continued to hone her skills in private lessons with consecrated local painters. Her first participation in an exhibition was at age 12, with an oil painting. Others followed.

Because the Communist regime in her native Romania did not favor an artistic career, Maggie chose to teach languages. The contact with art never left her, but it was just later in her life and in Canada that Maggie returned to painting full time.

The first years are dedicated to figurative painting, but gradually Maggie discovers the freedom of expression offered by abstract painting. She has continued to take art classes on new techniques and materials to enrich and polish her way of expressing herself. Her curiosity and desire to progress remain constant.

 Maggie is a member of several artists association and has exhibited in Galerie Lenoir, Gallery Ambigu, and other places. To date, Maggie has participated in more than 80 exhibitions, symposiums, contests, and earned prizes and medals. She lives in Montreal.


I draw my inspiration from my many life experiences lived in different countries, trips to several others, moments in everyday life, culture and nature.

I am comfortable with oil and acrylic, but I like to dip into watercolor or ink and alcohol. I also favor the mixed media by the introduction of collages, the mixing of mediums, modelling paste, gold, silver, fabrics, etc. I favor the superposition of the color strokes with the spatula, but I also love smooth glazing effects. I produce abstract works in which the ideas, the emotions are seized by the colors and by the movements. The resulting paintings are distinguished by bright, vibrant colors, surprising textures, fluid and dynamic movements, which give a real feast to the eyes and nourish the spirit. The brushstrokes or spatula always give direction and fluidity to the creation, easy to follow by the eye.

For me, painting is very personal. By immersing myself in it, I become increasingly free and self-revealing. The resulting painting is nothing but an exchange between my inner world and the outer one.

Painting is also a journey that begins with feeling, then thought. Shape and color follow with the harmony between texture and gesture, with the subtle balance between light and shadow. I try to make the ordinary extraordinary and I use all the means to reach my goal: I brush, I drip, I sand, I scrape, so that my works present texture, depth, a weaving of colors that give them a unique signature.

As an artist, I honestly hope my artwork calls for the participation of the audience to the same extent as my involvement in it.

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