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Juried Competition



1. Juried show top places, based on total score:

  • 1st Place - 1 week residency specified to the winner's discipline.

  • 2nd Place - 1 workshop package , specified to the winner's discipline.

  • 3rd Place - 2 hour personalized consultation with industry expert to help determine what their next professional steps should be.

- Note the specific location of the prizes will be discussed with the winners. WASM will present suggested choices, but the artist may propose an alternative if they desire, WASM will not give an artist cash in hand, but may agree to give the cash equivalent of our choices towards another similar prize chosen by the artist. Negotiations will take place with the winners directly. All of these prizes will be handed out to be used within 1 calendar year from the end of the art show.

2. Best Representation of Theme (this year: ChrysalisOne prize, determined by the judges. Award amount 75$ gift certificate to Deserres.

3. Artist’s Choice - One prize determined by votes other exhibiting artists will submit during the show. Award amount 50$ gift certificate to Deserres.


4. Public’s Choice - One prize determined by votes other exhibiting artists will submit during the show.Award amount 25$ gift certificate to Deserres.


5. 10 Honorable Mentions - Ten works that scored well by the judges, but did not receive a prize. There will be no value prizes for these Honors, but a certificate will be issued, and mentioned on the WASM website and in other WASM publicity.


The prizes are in order of prize value. No work which has won a more important prize is eligible to win a second one. In other words, only one prize is permitted per work.

The art show committee will be in contact with the winners in the weeks following the show. Acceptace of the prizes must be done by the artist at that time. Should an artist not wish to accept their prize, it shall be moved down the list to the next eligible winner.


Judge Selection

As every year, three judges are chosen from the art community. The actual identity of the judges will not be made public until the judging is complete, but we have chosen them based on recommendations from our membership for their outstanding achievements, contributions and expertise in the arts.


Judging Criteria

The judges will each score independently, and the totals will be added to determine the winners.  In the event of a tie, the judges will have the opportunity to debate and choose a winner by mutual agreement.  If they are unable to come to an agreement, two prizes will be given in that category as “co-winners”.

1. Competent Use of the Elements of Art/5 points

  • Mastery of scale, perspective, volumes, or other visual factors pertinent to the medium.

  • Balance of elements in relation to each other

  • Overall compositional balance


2. Craftsmanship / Skill in Media/5 points

  • Treatment and texture appropriate to the medium

  • Use of color, depth or shading in a way appropriate to the medium

  • Overall skill shown in relation to other professional level works


3. Presentation / Effectiveness of the work /5 points

  • The work has impact. It evokes an emotional response in the viewer

  • The work conveys the message it is trying to bring across clearly


4. Originality / Creativity /5 points

  • The work shows an interesting and effective interpretation of subject

  • Original approach compared to other well-known works of its kind

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