Hand-In- Hand

WASM and SAINT-COLUMBA HOUSE present their FIRST EVER ONLINE SILENT AUCTION benefitting the residents of the greater Montreal area

What is it?

WASM supports Saint Columba House (SCH) through an art donation project to fundraise for their Hand-in-Hand program. The goal is to connect the artists with the community and showcase the diverse range of creative expression that exists at Saint Columba House and WASM.

WASM invites artists working in any media to submit their artwork(s) for the upcoming silent auction, Connected Through Art. This opportunity is open only to the WASM members! 

Proceeds of the sales will be split 50%-50% between Saint Coumba House and the selling artist. Tax receipts for the remaining 50% will be issued by Saint Columba House directly.

 When is it happening?

February 25th 2021 - March 4th, 2021

Deadline for submissions: December 30th, 2020 (Forms and documents, please see below)

Deadline for digital images: January 30th, 2021

Artwork(s) drop-off: 18-23 February, 2021 at Saint Columba House 

Who is Saint Columba House ?

Saint Columba House (SCH) is a 100-year old charity situated in the Pointe St-Charles neighborhood of Montreal, but supports people in the entire Greater Montreal area. It hosts a plethora of programs to help support the vulnerable in our community, including meals on wheels, youth programs, educational programs and more. To learn more about this wonderful organization, click below.


What are the benefits?

In addition to helping to serve our community in this trying time, participating artists will get a media campaign, and exposure to donors and a different public who donate to SCH.

This is also an opportunity to participate in something different when traditional venues are closed.

Hundreds of large-scale donors contribute to SCH, and you never know who might become a fan of your art!

Artists will also get 50% of the sale price, as well as a tax receipt for the remaining amount.

How do I get involved?

Step 1: Visit the SCH gallery to get inspired by the life and/or work of one of their fabulous artists. (See button, below)

Step 2: E-mail Lavi  Picu, Charity Chairperson, at: lavipic@wasmtl.org with your choice of inspiration.

Please note: The goal is to make this a positive event for everyone, so WASM will make effort to give an even distribution to each SCH artist. Inspirations will be first come, first served. If too many people choose the same artist, WASM reserves the right to reassign you another. So please, get your choices made ASAP.

Step 3: Lavi will confirm to you that your choice has been accepted, or give you other options. This choice cannot be altered after this point. She will also e-mail you your application form.

Step 4: Create something new, or donate a piece you already have which you think is suitable. For the full submission guidelines, please see below.

Step 5: In order to have the media campaign ready for you, please submit your application form and required info by December 30th, 2020 at 6pm. Please see full details below.

Step 6: You may take an additional 30 days to complete your works, but your digital images must be submitted no later than January 30th, 2021 at 6pm.

Step 7: Please make arrangements to drop off your physical works at Saint Columba House. Lavi will be providing details to all confirmed artists in early January. All details and logistics will be discussed at that time, but the delivery dates will be between 18-23 February, 2021 at Saint Columba House.

Step 8: Enjoy the art show, and feel good about doing art for good! (Events and campaign details will be made available closer to the date. )

Full Submission Guidelines

Please note that you can select one of the following two options in order to participate to this event: 

  • Consult the nine presentations of Saint Columba House artists and select one that inspires you the most to create a new artwork based on it.  

  • Donate one or more previously created artworks of your choice for this silent auction. 


If you submit only one artwork, send your submission via e-mail to lavipic@wasmtl.org. 

Multiple artworks shall be submitted via WeTransfer, a free file sharing website, www.WeTransfer.com, (please use the lavipic@wasmtl.org e-mail address to send files through We Transfer.  Type in your e-mail address and the recipient’s e-mail address, add a message, attach the file and send. 



Those who wish to participate to this event are required to send via email to lavipic@wasmtl.org  by December 30th, 2020 and submit the following: 

  • Application form (sent to you by Lavi)

  • Short bio 

  • Personal photo of the artist 

  • Links to the artist’s website or social media accounts (Facebook and/or Instagram) 

*Please note this is not the deadline for submitting your artwork’s file!  


  • Specify if you donate a new artwork inspired by one of the SCH artists or not. Plese specify the name of the Saint Columba House artist and/or work that inspired you. Please submit your file by January 30th, 2021. 

  • If you donate a previously created artwork(s), please submit your files by January 6th, 2021. 


  • Theme: any (except nudity) 

  • Medium: any 

  • Dimensions:

    • Paintings - maximum size accepted 4feet x 5feet 

    • Sculptures – maximum weight 20 lbs. 

    • Other artworks – should fit through a standard door 

  • Photo and paper artworks must be framed! 

  • Paintings must have the edges painted 

  • Number of artworks accepted per artist: Maximum 4


What should your complete submission file contain? 

  • High Quality image of your artwork(s) in JPEG format only. Note that if you submit multiple images, you could use WE TRANSFER in order to send your files. 

  • Images should be sized about 600 pixels high, or thereabouts. This way, it ensures that the entire work will be viewable on almost all sizes of monitor. 

    • *Please note: if you are worried about copyright infingement, please let us know, and we will apply a WASM watermark to your image.

    • **Also, by submitting to this at show, you are agreeing to let WASM and SCH publish your images in any and all media for the duration of the event, and for any other future publicity. Reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that your images cannot be easily reproduced, and any reasonable request for removal thereafter will be accommodated if possible, however please note that once your image is published, it may not always be within our control to retrieve it. 

  • Name your image(s) following the example below: 


  • Details of the artwork(s): name, size, medium, year of creation, price (on the submission form, not on the file name)

  • Description of the artwork (1-2 lines) 

  • Short bio of the artist (100-200 words)  

  • Personal photo of the artist (JPEG format) 

  • Links to the artist’s website or social media accounts 

New to this show:

  • Short video presentation (30 seconds – 1minute) 

    *  The videos will be used to create teasers and marketing materials for the event.  

       Ex. “Hi! My name is Tania Jones, I am a visual artist and I got inspired by the ZY artist from SCH. I was moved by his story /artwork because....” 

*Members who cannot submit a short video recording due to technical difficulties are invited to have a 2-3 minutes Zoom session with the SCH Art coordinator and record the video via Zoom. Please contact Lavi Picu in order to schedule the Zoom meeting. 

*Members who do not wish to appear on camera have the option to skip this step. For their presentation we will use the personal photo, the image of their artwork and their bio. 



  • All artworks must be dropped off at SCH between 18-23rd of February, 2021, between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Melissa Chamberlain, the Hand-in-Hand program coordinator will inspect the artwork upon arrival and store them in a secure location. 

  • Note that packaging the artwork is the responsibility of the artist 



  • For all items sold, SCH will issue receipts that the artist could use for his income tax declaration. 



For more details regarding the submission or the online silent auction, please contact Lavi Picu via email at lavipic@wasmtl.org. 

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