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France Benoit

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France Benoit Imperfect wheels of life 221016.jpg
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France Benoit Imperfect wheels of life 230704.jpg

France Benoit, a rising visual artist, has especially distinguished herself for her stylized encaustic works, influenced by wabi sabi. Her art is characterized by textures, colors and shapes that can touch her audience and offer them joy and serenity.

Always eager to perfect her technique, France attended many workshops and trainings given by professional artists. She was able to appropriate a recognizable and very appreciated personal style by her public.

These years of experience and practice also allowed France to participate in many exhibitions and to be several times awarded for her works. Her presence can be noted at the Mirabel Expo-Concert, at Brilliant Moment in British Columbia, at the Propeller Gallery in Toronto and at the San Antonio Art League and Museum. She is also a newly scholar of the International Encaustic Artist.

With a keen sense of composition and color, France creates expressive works that draw their inspiration from the joy of human emotions. Her passion for art and her will to share her story with the world make her an artist with an enduring career and legacy.

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