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Birte Paul


Birte Paul was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I graduated with a business degree. After arriving In Canada, I graduated from McGill with a 
After retiring, I was looking for something new, started at Visual Art with a course in Watercolours, no previous knowledge of papers, brushes and colours.
Enjoyed it very much, still to this day taking the occasional class. Have also followed classes at the senior group ENCORE.
Watercolours is still my favourite medium, coloured pencils, pen and ink and lately  oil….
I have lived and travelled to many places Middle East, India and Europe over the years, and I suppose it has left an impression on me.
I love to plaint flowers, inspired by my terrace which is in full bloom right now….fantastic colours.
Recently, started some abstracts, which I find to be free and with no exact boundaries, just let imagination flow.
I have exhibited in WAS and WASM group shows for many years, and have received prizes and honourable mention.
I am very happy to have discovered this wonderful hobby.

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