Juried Art Show Catalogue 2022

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Akkelian, Norma

Akkelian, Norma_.jpg

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Akkelian_Norma_Into the Mystic  IMG_5422.jpg

Artist Bio:

Norma’s career in art began as a jewelry designer given her family‘s long history as jewellers since 1907. Her transition to visual art happened in 1981 having discovered the art of decorative painting.
Norma attended art classes with renowned decorative artists from the US and abroad, experimenting with a range of mediums, textures and surfaces. In 1990 she became a full time artist painting on canvas. 

Throughout her career she has supported various charities by donating her time and art. Studios in Montreal and Miami allows her to exhibit solo and in group art shows annually. Her art is collected by private individuals and by corporate offices throughout the world. 

To quote Jerry Saltz, senior art critic for New York Magazine, Norma is a “strong artist of the future”.

Artist Statement:

I have been painting for 30 years. I consider myself a contemporary impressionist. I seek to capture a moment in time through the essence of my surroundings. Every canvas is a journey, each painting is a reflection of my present time experiences and state of mind. Remnants of my past in jewellery design is sometimes visible in my paintings through ornate patterns and opulent gold leaf application. Art can be a powerful tool and a means of personal transformation. Painting provides me with peace of mind, I look forward to creating art every day.

Secret Garden,

Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 40"

Price: 1,700$

Akkelian_Norma_Secret Garden IMG_0943.jpg

Into the Mystic,

Acrylic on Canvas, 40" x 40"

Price: 3,000$

Agia, Mona


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Artist Bio:

MONA AGIA is a Canadian artist living in Montreal. She studied art at the Visual Arts Centre, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, E.N.C.O.R.E, with Magda Romero in Nerja, Spain. What defines Mona is her spirit and energy which enhance her expression of colour, composition and character and develop her vision of the world with an inquisitive mind. Her landscapes in oil were inspired by the Tuscan landscape in Italy, then she did figurative abstraction on her trips in Spain, France, Italy, Cambodia, Vietnam and many other countries. She then explored abstraction and felt an attraction to that form of expression which allowed her to play with colours, shapes, textures and styles. Mona’s exhibits in solo, duo and group shows has helped her to grow in her art, style and expression of colours, textures and shapes. She also organizes painting trips to Europe, Asia and North America by sharing her passion for painting with other artists, hence, renewing her art constantly.

Artist Statement:

Mona's art is a world of colour, shapes and textures. She is a world traveller sensitive to the history, language, customs and colours of the countries she visits. This process of self discovery has helped her express on canvas the perceptions of the world around her. Whether it was painting still life in a studio or painting landscapes in the world ( Tuscany, Provence, Spain, Cambodia, Vietnam ). Colour is the driving force through which she could express her innermost feelings of joy, harmony and pleasure. Colour describes who she truly is.



Acrylic on Canvas, 24" x 24"

Price: 950$


Rêverie, Acrylic on Canvas, 24" x 24"

Price: 950$

Bacal, Elaine


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Artist Bio:

Elaine graduated from Sir George Williams (Concordia) University with a BSc and has always worked in the health sciences field. In 2015, she retired from the Department of Pathology, Jewish General Hospital and joined the Women’s Art Society of Montreal (WASM) the same year. She is currently the WASM Blog Manager and is also a member of the Montreal Camera Club. Elaine began snapping photographs at an early age with the help of her dad and film cameras. Since going digital, Elaine’s photography has transformed – she likes to “play” with her photos by manipulating them in Photoshop and printing them on unusual substrates. She has also created traditional photo books and hand-made books in unusual 3D forms using her very own photographs. Exhibits: JGH Gallery 3775 Annual WASM Juried Art Exhibit & Sale Friends of the Mount Royal Cemetery Photography Exhibit 125th Anniversary Photography Exhibit, McClure Gallery Concordia Alumni Association Exhibit Westmount Photography Exhibit, Art Gallery of Victoria Hall St-Columba House Auction AIM Online Art Show.

Description of work Dancing Daisies:

This photograph was taken using a technique called intentional camera movement (ICM).

Description of work Colours of a Palm Tree:

Discovering the many colours on the trunk of a tropical palm tree.

Elaine_Bacal_Dancing Daisies.jpg

Dancing Daisies,

Photograph, 16" x 20"

Price: 300$

Elaine_Bacal_Colours of a Palm Tree.jpg

Colours of a Palm Tree,

Photograph, 16" x 20"

Price: 300$

Al-Nasrallah, Jad


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Artist Bio:

Jad Al-Nasrallah studied at Concordia University where he was supervised by great artists such as Armand Tatossian, Yves Gauchier and John Fox. In 1979, he achieved a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts. After graduating, he set up a screen printing textile company where he worked from 1989 to 2007. He then decided to take his retirement and dedicated all his time to his passion. His paintings often illustrated landscapes, abstract and portraits. In his various works he used especially charcoal, oil paint and acrylic. He enjoys using nature colors and textures in his paintings. He was inspired by many painters such as the Group of 7. He followed several art courses given by Gisèle Rivard and he participated in several exhibitions in witch he presented many of his works. He recently presented his latest paintings at the Anjou library Art gallery. He is also a member of the Woman’s Art Association of Montreal. He recently sold a few of his work to art lovers such as him.

Al-Nasrallah_Jad_Modern Landscape.jpeg

Modern Landscape,

Oil on Canvas, 26.5" x 20.5"

Price: 800$

Al-Nasrallah_Jad_Untitled image0.jpeg


Acrylic on Canvas, 23" x 31"

Price: 500$

Astadjov, Maria


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Artist Bio:

Maria Astadjov is a Bulgarian born artist, graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia living in Canada since 1990. In the 32 years in North America she’s been working in animation, participating in multiple group shows, having solo shows in Montreal, Ottawa, NYC, Florida and California as well as some solo exhibits in Bulgaria. She works in multiple medias from ink and pen drawings on paper, acrylic and oil canvases to experimenting in mixed medias on aluminum, collages on glass and mirrors expending her horizons and looking for different ways to express her thoughts and ideas.

Description of work Don't Fade Away:

This is one of Maria Astadjov’s latest artworks. Only of late she started working with stained glass in somewhat none traditional way. She’s is creating abstract collages on mirror using stained glass, paint and leaving small areas of the mirror visible. The jagged pieces of glass represent the idea of broken lives put together and from the chaos a beauty of colour and shape emerges.

Description of work I Can See the Signs:

This is another one of Maria Astadjov's latest artworks. She is creating collages on mirror using stained glass, paint, utilizing the different textures of the stained glass, the play of light to create images that look different according to the viewing angle and light of the day.

Astadjov_Maria_Don't Fade Away.jpg

Don't Fade Away,

Mixed Media on Mirror, 25" x 36"

Price: 1,700$

Astadjov_Maria_I can see the signs.jpg

I Can See the Signs,

Mixed Media on Mirror, 25" x 36"

Price: 1,700$

Balaban, Adriana

adriana balaban.jpg

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Oil on Canvas, 16" x 23"

Price: 450$

Artist Bio:

Presently studying professional photography at Dawson College. Bachelor in Fine Arts, major Drawing at Painting at Concordia University. MS – Physicist engineer with Extensive Experience in Technical – Telecommunication field. PhD studies in application of Holography in computer’s memory. 

Artist Statement:

 I like people. I view art as a platform for expressing the human emotions and one’s identity, the foundation for exploring the connection between the two, a platform to acknowledging surroundings, for communication and dialogue, a conduit for sharing ideas, a vehicle for self-growth, for ultimately leaving a mark behind. The urge to learn and to express oneself has no boundaries, no age, and no statute of limitations. Challenges - to create; Go beyond – the obvious; Learn - to continuously grow artistically; Explore – social anxieties … this is what I thrive for.

My strongest artistic skills are connecting with my subjects, conversing with them and in an intense and raw manner exposing their inner moods. I combine the techniques of traditional drawing and painting with various mediums and materials to shape the outcome. The search for the perfect medium-technique-technology synchronicity is quintessential to solidifying my concept and conveying the message. Whenever I get a strong reaction, controversy to my art I feel that I successfully achieved my artistic goals: my art is reverberating through my viewers. 

Balaban_Adriana_The Glove.jpg

The Glove,

Mixed Medium, 36" x 48"

Price: 875$

Bisaillon, Sophie

Bisaillon_Sophie_L'heure bleue .jpeg

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L'heure Bleue,

Acrylic and Mixed Media, 36" x 36"

Price: 1,900$

Artist Bio:

I am an emergent artist interested in exploring abstract art, the feeling of color and to trust intuition to reveal the painting who wants to emerge, serving as a simple instrument In my approach, I don't have a specific image or concept in mind. I begin my paintings with a spontaneous gesture. Then I play with textures by applying and removing paint, scraping and playing with textures, the process meant to be a moment of spontaneity and exploration. Serve as an instrument to let the work emerge. I am inspired by my environment the clouds, the sky, the birds and the plants and I aspire to reflect the sensitivity in my paintings. I use acrylic as my main medium Alumni of the Creative Visionary Program CVP 2020 with Nicolas Wilton and the Find Your Joy Program 2020 with Louise Fletcher. Received an honorable mention at the last exhibition of WASM the Women artist society of Montreal in May 2021 at Galerie Le Livart for her work Lines of Thoughts Participated in a collective exhibition at Galerie Lenoir in January and February 2020.

Description of work L'heure Bleue:

Playing with a limited palette for this moodscape. Sharing the atmosphere of a walk in a park during winter at the end of the day just before its sets and when nature reveals herself in blue.

Bisaillon_Sophie_Un air de printemps image0 (2).jpeg

Un Air de Printemps,

Acrylic and Mixed Media, 24" x 24"

Price: 550$

Barwick, Gertrud Antoine


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Artist Bio:

Antoine Barwick was born in Preetz, Germany, near the Baltic Sea. Gertrud studied textile design at Muthesius Kunstschule, Kiel, where she gained a deep knowledge of and expertise in multiple uses of textiles and gained a lifelong love for the fibre arts. Gertrud later earned a Bachelor degree in Art Education at Concordia University in Montreal, followed by a Master's and PhD in counselling and art therapy. In 1991-93, she studied painting with world-renowned watercolourist Ming Ma and has, since then, explored brilliant colour and original composition in several media.

Artist Statement:

In recent paintings, the artist starts with the unknown. As colours, or shapes, emerge she finds her way. This painting started with the yellow-orange crown. Lace was added and a face emerged. Then a crane appeared, snuggling up her sleeve. But, the princess had to be protected - so the Arctic Tern emerged to save her from falling in love! Enjoy the Valentine story.


The Birds' Bride,

Mixed Media, 26" x 48"

Price: 1,000$

Belmar, Patricia Alicia

Paticia Belmar.jpeg
Bermar_Patricia_Spring Renaissance  .jpg

Spring Renaissance,

Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 40"

Price: 1,200$

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Artist Bio:

Since she remembers, Patricia has always been attracted to ART in all its different manifestations; mainly painting, drawing, and photography. She holds a BFA Degree from Concordia University, 2014 and a Visuals Arts Certificate from Bishop’s University, 2007. Patricia uses divers medium as acrylic, oil, watercolors, and wax to create paintings bases on nature and wildlife. She exhibits yearly in various group exhibitions at venues as: Le Livart Gallery, Concordia University, Bishop’s University, Ogilvie, Steward Hall, Centennial Hall, Galerie Warren Flowers, Peter B. Yeomans Center, Maison Trestler. Depuis qu’elle se souvient, Patricia a toujours été attiré par l’ART dans toutes ses différentes manifestations ; principalement la peinture, le dessin et la photographie. Elle est titulaire d’un baccalauréat en beaux-arts de l’Université Concordia, 2014 et d’un certificat d’arts visuels de l’Université Bishops, 2007. Patricia utilise de nombreux medium tels que l’acrylique, l’huile, l’aquarelle et la cire pour créer des peintures basées sur la nature et la faune. Elle expose chaque année dans diverses expositions de groupe sur des sites comme : Galerie Le Livart, Université Concordia, Université Bishops, Ogilvie, Steward Hall, Centennial Hall, Galerie Warren Flowers, Peter B. Yeomans Center, Maison Trestler.

Description of work Spring Renaissance:

“Spring Renaissance” Patricia loves the invigorating transformation that spring brings to nature every year. She looks forward to flowers blooming, birds singing and butterflies dancing under the bright, warm sun. She decided to create a composition including these uplifting elements. Her spirit rejoices when contemplating the hummingbirds and butterflies feasting in the colorful flowers. She experiences a total spiritual rejuvenation! “She chose art as a means of communication and self-expression; She can express herself through words as a translator and through images as an artist. Nature, memories, and imagination are her inextinguishable sources of inspiration. Although, she thinks the best approach for a free interpretation -where figuration and abstraction can coexist – is the combination of imagination, observed nature and memories.” « Elle a choisi l’art comme moyen de communication et d’expression personnelle ; Elle peut s’exprimer à travers des mots en tant que traductrice et à travers des images en tant qu’artiste. La nature, les souvenirs et l’imagination sont ses sources d’inspiration inextinguibles. Bien qu’elle pense que la meilleure approche pour une interprétation libre- où la figuration et l’abstraction peuvent coexister- est la combinaison de l’imagination, la nature observée et les souvenirs. »

Bundaru, Doina


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Artist Bio:

Doina Bundaru was born in Romania and moved to Montreal in the early nineties. She has always been inspired by painting and the arts, being at the same time drawn to sciences. She chose an engineering education which she completed with a master's degree and from 2014 she began to take painting and drawing lessons and has painted regularly since. She gets inspired in her paintings by daily life, a beautiful sunset, interesting shapes, old memories, nature’s beauty and she is using colors as tools to bring her emotions to canvas. Doina currently uses acrylic and mixed media, and her style has evolved from figurative to abstract over the years. In the process of painting, she enjoys applying textures, playing with layers of colors and mediums until the painting ‘comes to life’. She likes the open dialogue between the piece of art and the beholder, the many interpretations one piece of art can generate. She is a member of the Kirkland Artists Association, Artists Circle West Island, Women’s Art Society Montreal. She has participated in over thirty art group exhibitions with associations and various organizations, exhibitions at the Galerie Ambigu and the Galerie Lenoir and her paintings are found in private collections in Canada and Europe.

Artist Statement:

When I paint, it’s like I go on an exciting trip. The journey starts with the seed of an idea, followed by some planning, after which I let myself guided by my emotions, colors and music. It becomes more exciting as I progress into this beautiful and endless world of colors and shapes, and sometimes accidents may happen and I may arrive at a different destination, but I have fun along the way and, most of all, I enjoy the creative process. In my paintings I get inspired by daily life, beautiful sunsets, interesting shapes, nature’s beauty, and I use colors to bring my emotions to canvas. In the two paintings in this exhibition I tried to capture the nature’s magical transformation into pure beauty.


Acrylic and Metal Leaf on paper,

17.5" x 13.5"

Price: 260$

Bundaru_Doina_I'll Be Here Waiting.JPG

I'll Be Here Waiting,

Acrylic and Metal Leaf on paper,

21" x 17"

Price: 250$

Castravelli, Lianne

Lianne Castravelli.jpeg
Castravelli_Lianne_Committed to Memory.jpg

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Committed to Memory,

Oil on Canvas, 24" x 28"

Price: 620$

Castravelli, Miranda

Miranda edited.jpg

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Castravelli_Miranda_Midnight Ice and Fire Dance.jpg

Artist Bio:

Miranda Castravelli is a Montreal-based artist and President of the Women’s art Society of Montreal, est. 1894. Her background in literature and art history led her to pursue studies in interior design. From there, she studied architectural drawing and worked as a freelance sketch artist for various design projects. Miranda has worked in film, law, technology, education and management, but art has always been her true passion. In her works, she tries to convey the mood of a moment through the use of impressionistic use of shadow and color.

Artist Statement of work Midnight Ice and Fire Dance:

Glitter Series I, Abstract I As we come through the long winter’s night, warmth begins to melt us. We transform and revel in the light and hope of better things to come. We are transformed, becoming ourselves part of the movement of light and shadow . Strange shapes are created, but both the darkness and the light belong to us; are part of us.

Artist Statement of work One with Everything:

An impressionistic interpretation of a very recognizable symbol of growth and transformation. As we learn our true colors, they cease to matter, as we meld with the world and find peace.

Midnight Ice and Fire Dance,

Acrylic and Mixed Media, 19" x 25"

Price: 325$

Castravelli_Miranda_One with everything_ed.jpg

One with Everything,

Watercolor, 17" x 22"

Price: SOLD

Charto, Suzy


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Description of work Nightwalkers:

We walked our dog during the lock down. It felt as if we were the only ones left in the world. A very lonely time. That's the inspiration behind this work of art.

Charto_Suzy_Night Walkers.JPG

Night Walkers,

Acrylic on Canvas, 24" x 30"

Price: 725$

Charto_Suzy_All by myself.JPG

All by Myself,

Acrylic on Canvas, 23" x 29"

Price: 575$

Csik, Frank

Frank Csik, WASM Member.jpg

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Csik_Frank_Metamorphosis (1).jpg

Artist Bio:

Frank Csik is a retired Mechanical Engineer/Industrial Designer, pursuing his hobbies of travelling, photography and artistic painting.

Description of work Metamorphosis:

Illustration of 3 Pupas and 2 fully fledged butterflies on an abstract background.


Acrylic on Canvas, 18" x 24"

Price: 425$

Cuer, Lilian


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Artist Bio:

Lilian Cuer est un artiste en arts visuels originaire de Caderousse (France) qui vit et travaille à Montréal depuis 2004. Passionné par les jouets et les mécanismes d’articulations tant physiques que mécaniques, l’artiste choisit d’abord des études en design industriel en 1998. Il complète ensuite une formation à l’École Supérieure des Beaux -Arts de Marseille en 2002. Durant ses 5 années d’études, il expérimente différents types de matériaux (bois, acier, plâtre, argile, fibre de verre, bronze) et leur mise en forme. Abreuvé par la richesse et la densité de l’histoire de l’art, Cuer perfectionne sa démarche axée sur la biodiversité et développe une sensibilité particulière au corps en tant que machine modulaire et matière brute. Après avoir utilisé l’impression 3D comme mode d’expression, il choisit l’aluminium en feuille et les matières organiques (ailes de papillons, mouche, graines de pissenlit, peau de banane, pétales de rose) pour concevoir des sculptures à l’image de l’homme. Avec ses œuvres empreintes de délicatesse et de sensibilité dont les influences sont le temps qui passe sur le corps ou même dans l’Histoire; Lilian Cuer nous lance un message d’espoir et de compassion face à notre environnement et tous les êtres vivants dont nous sommes indissociables.

Artist Statement:

Burdock et Épiderme Rosea sont des masques anthropomorphiques matérialisant une hybridation improbable où l’être humain rencontrerait la nature sans hégémonie. Ces œuvres nous interrogent avec compassion sur le lien perdu avec notre environnement et les espèces l’habitant. Sans diversité, nous perdons peu à peu notre qualité humaine et sensible mais aussi notre capacité à résister aux changements que subissent nos écosystèmes.