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A.M. Benz


How to reach this artist:  

email: studiombenz@gmail.com

AM_Benz_Kuro Piegare.jpg

Kugo Pierro 8133, Mixed Media

Price: 1,400$

AM_Benz_Shiro Piegare.jpg

Shiro Piegare 8128, Mixed Media

Price: 1,400$

Artist Bio:

A.M. Benz is an emerging artist from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) working in mixed media. She primarily works with various types of glass, paper, and wire, exploring the play of light while using a limited palette. A lifelong obsession with energy and movement influence her choice of materials, which are chosen and placed in specific spots to catch the light and simulate movement across the dimensional spaces.Her work has been shown in multiple juried exhibitions in both Canada and the United States.

From the Japanese for Black (“Kuro”) and the Italian for Fold (“Piegare”), Kuro Piegare 8133 is the combination of traditions from the artists’ Italian heritage in the form of mosaic art and her love of all things Japanese, especially paper and paper folding. The motivation behind this piece is to show the beauty of cultural integration. Taking these two ends of the spectrum, two ancient art traditions from opposite ends of the world, two disparate materials (paper, glass) and then combining them with a sculptural element to all come together into one contemporary art piece. A combination of influences creates a new beauty greater than the singular techniques of the past.

Annette Wolfstein-Joseph


How to reach this artist:


email: annette.art@sympatico.ca

Artist Bio:

The current theme in my printmaking is my garden and the growing life in it.  I find myself in awe of the cycle of growth, blossoming, death and regeneration that happens daily in the garden, providing me with a connection to Creativity on a grand scale.  My prints are my own attempt at creativity on a far more humble scale.  I venture to recreate the marvelous colours and textures, lights and shadows as they vary with the shift of the sun and the changing of the seasons.  The colours convey the sentiments and moods aroused by the splendour of the garden, in an up-close and personal, larger than life, bee’s eye point of view of the plants conveying total involvement in the setting.  


Ever since I studied printmaking at Concordia University in Montreal, where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1971, I have relentlessly pursued the etching medium as my primary means of expression.   

During my years as a printmaker, the varied subjects of my work have been very personal, expressing of my passions and pastimes. I have worked in series of sixteen or more prints on each subject, such as the Doors of Montreal West (my neighbourhood), boats on Lake Champlain, my everyday life as seen in repose with my feet in the foreground, and currently, my garden. This series has expanded to include my vegetable garden and takes in the mystery of plants appearing out of shadows. It features strong contrasts of light and darkness on deeply textured plates sometimes combining etching with collagraphs, often with viscosity roll-ups.  My interest in this new series is intended to convey my passions for my garden and the vegetation in it. I believe in this I have been successful and hope the viewer will share my enthusiasm.   


Each etching was hand-printed in a combination of traditional and innovative techniques, entirely by the artist and each is, therefore an original print, designed into the metal etching plate, and not a reproduction of another art form.  I design, etch and print in small editions (never more than twenty prints) in my own studio in Dorval, Quebec. For many years I had been a member of the etching atelier of the Saidye Bronfman Centre School of Fine Arts, where for nine years I was teaching etching and was Head of the Printmaking Department until its closing in 2007.  I am also an associate member of Atelier Circulaire.  


 My work has been included in many collections both private and corporate and a number of my prints have been purchased by the Bibliotheque Nationale du Quebec.  

Annette_Wolfstein-Joseph_Serenade the Su

Serenade the Sun

Etching with aquatint

25" x 18"

Price: 425$

Annette_Woldstein-Joseph_My Wild Iris, R

My Wild Iris, Rose

Etching with aquating

25" x 18"

Price: 425$

April Pyne


How to reach this artist:


email: aprilpynecreates@gmail.com

April_Pyne_Before the Mountains were Bor

April Pyne was born in Brooklyn, New York. She is influenced by such artists as Paul Klee and Mark Rothko. Her current series of work is in the acrylic medium. Through geometric abstraction and the interplay of color, she explores the idea of order. April‘s work has appeared in various publications such as ‘The Healing Muse‘ and ‘The Menteur’.  My spiritual practice and my inner world contribute to my work. Through geometric abstraction I attempt to bring order to intuition.

Before the Mountains Were Born

Arcylic and Gesso

24 x 24

Price: 832$

Avy Loftus

Avy_Loftus_Tabula Rasa .jpg

Tabula Rasa

Batik and laser cut fabrication

25" x 15"

Price: 535$

How to reach this artist:


email: avyklee@gmailcom

Avy Loftus is a Montreal-based visual artist, batik designer and art educator. As a visual artist and batik designer, she has already had a number of collective and solo exhibitions in Canada, the United States, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Bulgaria and Bermuda. She has received numerous awards for her artwork – most notably the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013 for her artistic and community contributions. Her artwork has been sold in Canada, the US, Ireland, Indonesia and Bermuda. 

As an art educator, she is currently teaching fabric art, especially batik, at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art and with the Quebec Culture in School Program. She has conducted batik workshops at numerous museums and festivals in Canada, the US, Ireland and Indonesia. 

Currently, Avy is the President of the Asian Canadian Women Artists and the Director of Peace, Love and Hope. She is a member of the following organisations: English Language Arts Network (ELAN), National Art Education Association (NAEA), The Textile Society of America (TSA), Women’s Art Society of Montreal (WASM), The Canada-Indonesia Chamber of Commerce (CICC) and The Irish Protestant Benevolent Society (IPBS). 

Avy holds a B.A. in Education, a B.A. in Language and Art and a Diploma in Public Relations. She finished her art training successfully at the Saidye Bronfman Centre School of Art. She recently finished her Master’s in Art Education at Concordia University.  

Avy_Loftus_Deconstructed Kaleidoscope.jp

Deconstructed Kaleidoscope

Mixed Media

25" x 15"

Price: 425$

Barbara Salonen Fox


How to reach this artist:


email: barbarafox@sympatico.ca

Barbara was born in Vancouver B.C, and at 22 years old, moved to Montreal, where she still resides. Painting has been her passion all her life, beginning early before any formal training. Art classes began at 11 years old at the Vancouver Art Gallery, followed by the Vancouver School of Art and later at Ecole des Beaux Art de Montreal.She visualizes paintings everywhere she goes, stemming from her love of nature or her delight in seeing people on the streets, or wanting to express the intangibles not seen with the naked eye. Her main focus early on was to paint from nature, the beauty of Canada’s landscapes, trees, gardens, water and wildflowers. She now also paints semi-abstract and abstract works which show introspective thoughts about her love of music, ancient and worldly influences, as well as spirituality.

Barbara_Salonen Fox_Oriental Garden.jpg

Oriental Garden

Acrylic on canvas

36" x 36"

Price: NFS

Barbara believes “to paint is to celebrate life”. She was inspired to createthis semi-abstract work from thememory of herfrequent visits to the ButchartGardens in Victoria, B.C. She says she wasprofoundly moved each re-visit upon seeing the differentsectionsin the garden, including the Japanese Garden, the Italian Garden and the Rose Garden. She paints with the emotional feeling she has about the subject, applying texture, colour gradations, and working towards depth, more than the eyesees at first glance. Creativity happens whenat some point, her own unique vision works together with the painting,itself,leading the way to completion. Often thisbecomes an abstract.

Birte Paul


How to reach this artist:


email: birte_paul@hotmail.com




16" x 20"

Price: 425$

For approximately 10 years I have enjoyed watercolours. I continue to find it both beautiful and challenging. So much more to learn and often surprised by the result when the colours mix with the water. A wonderful medium to work with. 

Dreaming of shapes and their interaction in a limited palette.

Birte_Paul_Joy and Happiness.jpg

Joy and Happiness


13" x 16"

Price: 425$

Blue Joyce


How to reach this artist:


email: blue@bluelfdesigns.com

Born and raised in Toronto, Blue first trained one Fashion Design, but in the spring of 2014 took up watercolor painting and has never looked back. She currently lives and works in Montreal.

Blue makes art to delight herself and her viewers, bringing both whimsy and detail together into something cohesive. In this piece, she has given a nod to her fashion design background.




16.5" x 20.5"

Price: 500$

Bonnie Frankel


The Colours of Summer


32" x 62"

Price: 850$

How to reach this artist:


email: bonnie.frankel@hotmail.com

Bonnie Frankel is both an artist and operating room (OR) nurse. This dual career is reflected in her paintings. Her choice and love of vibrant colours becomes apparent and clear when one considers the monochromatic environment of the OR.


One series of black and white paintings capture the dedication, concentration and intensity of the OR team as they care for their patient.


In contrast are the themes of her other paintings. Children having fun in the park, or anticipating the sun after a rainy day.Nature is another inspiration, the wonderful, vibrant colours of flowers and peaceful settings in different seasons. Another series depicts favourite subjects in her interpretation of Pop Art.


A special series is called ”Synergy. Like the name, they are a fusion of mixed media, techniques and her nursing background. Using a hypodermic needle and a syringe with paint, injects energy into these abstract paintings. These paintings incorporate mixed mixed media, sculpted plaster of paris ( cast material) and hand molded paint, to create unique effects.


Bonnie has exhibited is several places in Montreal. Two paintings are presently in St. Mary’s Hospital.


Bonnie Frankel lives with her husband in Montreal where her three children and their families also reside.

Bonnie_Frankel_The Colours of Summer.jpg
Bonnie_Frankel_Sweet Treats.jpg

Sweet Treats


28.5" x 36.5"


Carol Rabinovitch

Carol_Rabinovitch_Runaway Lights.png

Runaway Lights


20" x 16"

Price: 300$

How to reach this artist:

Email: carol.rabinovitch@gmail.com 



A vacation in the Charlevoix region of Quebec inspired me to enroll in a painting  art class.  I delved right in with my paints and brushes and impatiently waited for instructions from my first teacher.  I mixed colours and drew shapes to create lively images. 

I continued to paint at various studios and schools.  This included classes in drawing, printmaking and collaging.

As a contemporary Montréal artist, my style is whimsical and sometimes abstract.  I have experimented with various style and techniques.  Happy images with bursts of bright colours are my passion.  They fascinate me as they dance on my canvases.  My joy is giving the canvas a personality, a mood, as shapes and forms spring into my mind.  When they join together the result is fun and surprising - especially to me! 

This kaleidoscope is the result of shining bright lights from a runway. 

Carol_Rabinovitvh_Amazing Maze.png

Amazing Maze


20" x 24"

Price: 350$

David Chandler


Rue de Rivoli

Ink on Aluminum

24" x 36"

Price: 750$

How to reach this artist:


email: dchandler43@gmail.com

On retirement, after teaching social sciences and photography to secondary students for33 years, I embraced the digital photography world. While teaching I also developed the only antique map business in Québec. My photographic interests centre around travel, architectural and flower images (They don’t move and complain about the results!). In recent times I have moved increasingly into purely abstract images, based on photos. I also offer my services as a speaker, topics revolve around photography and antique maps.

One of the roles of the artist/photographer is to reveal the world to those who might otherwise miss the beauty and forms surrounding them. Photography today is available to anybody with a cell phone. Take enough images and some are bound to be great!Photographers are increasingly turning to abstract images to explain their viewpoint.

This image emphasizes the enormity of the built urban environment compared to the frequent loneliness of the solitary individual. The structural power of large buildings can be quite oppressing.

Urban Solitude

Ink on Aluminum

24" x 36"

Price: 750$

David_Chandler_Rue de Rivoli .jpg
David_Chandler_Urban Solitude.jpeg

Deanne Hall-Habeeb

Deanne Hall-Habeeb.jpg

How to reach this artist:


email: hdeanne@gmail.com

Deanne_Hall-Habeeb_Imagine Van Gogh # 1.

Imagine Van Gogh #1


24" x 30"

Price: 750$

As a practicing artist, I have worked in several media: etching, woodcut, pen & ink, pencil, oil and acrylic painting, as well as yarn and fabric collage. In my life as an artist, I have gone through various subject explorations, but mainly, I turn to indigenous subjects wherever I am. 

I have had several solo and group shows in Montreal, Bahrain, Turkey and USA. 


As an art educator, I have taught art in Montreal and Wisconsin with the greater part of my teaching career being overseas in Bahrain where I taught all ages: kindergarten, middle school, high school and adults. 

The mammoth images of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings projected at the recent Imagine Van Gogh immersive exhibition in Montreal was, in this artist’s view, an overwhelming experience. Being surrounded by these pivotal works and being able to see each passionate stroke was truly uplifting. Being one with the many engrossed viewers was inspirational. This painting relives this phenomenal happing. What is better than van Gogh stars and moon? 

Irises everywhere. In front, behind, sideways… total immersion. The strength and delicacy of Van Gogh’s flowers, magnified a hundred times, smacked the viewers appreciative eyes with pleasure and wonder. Everywhere one looked one digested the magnitude of these humble subjects. Exhibition in Montreal: Imagine Van Gogh, L’exposition immersive 

Deanne_Hall-Habeeb_Imagine Van Gog # 2.j

Imagine Van Gogh #2


24" x 30"

Price: 750$

Deena Dlusy-Apel


Whatever You See

Acrylic on Canvas

40" x 40"

Price: 800$

How to reach this artist:


email: deenadlusy@hotmail.com

I have painted all my life – and have taught art at all levels. I held a part-time position in the Art Education Department at Concordia University. I have exhibited widely both in group shows and individually.  My work ranges from realism to abstraction and political themes as well as philosophical themes are attractive to me.

This painting is the offshoot of   a series of paintings based on the idea of squaring the circle based on the  photography of Robert Landry; eventually  circular shapes of all kinds became attractive and this painting is a result of the fun I had with this idea. 

This painting is a part of a series based on the photography of Robert Landry, a psychiatrist based in New York, who was squaring the circle in his photographs; inspired by his work this piece is a reflection of the process of playing with the circle.

Deena-Dlusy-Apel_Whatever You See.jpg
Deena_Dlusy-Apel-Squaring tne Circle .jp

Squaring the Circle

Acrylic on Board

30" x 30"


Diana Bruno


How to reach this artist:


email: artemis25@sympatico.ca

Diana_Bruno_Listen .jpeg

Diana Bruno is an emerging photographer exploring various subjects and developing her photographic voice. She has participated in a number of group shows in Montreal. Her work is in private collections in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. She uses a micro four-thirds digital camera. She’s also a published writer; her book Lexique français-anglais de la cuisine et de la restauration is shortlisted for the 2020 Taste Canada Awards. 


Archivally Framed & Printed Photograph

14" x 18"

Price: 500$


Archivally Framed & Printed Photograph

26" x 29"

Price: 575$


Diane Simmoneau-Romiti


How to reach this artist:

 email: diane.simoneau@gmail.com 

Born in Montreal, her formative years are influenced by wonderful teachers – Arthur Lismer, Leslie Smith, Charles Gagnon, John Max. She takes drawing, painting and photography classes. She receives a BA in Communication Arts from Concordia which launches her work career as a visual communicator. Her audio-visual and multimedia experience teaches her how to get a message, an idea, a concept across which she executes creatively, with skill and ingenuity. 

With her husband, she moves to England. This is a transition period. She is part of an art project lasting six months where she lets go of some of her uncertainties. It concludes with an exhibition called The bottom drawer – An experimental photography and mixed media exhibition that would travel the United Kingdom for two years. 

Returning to Montreal, she changes career. With little resources, she undertakes a DEP in PrePress. She is then hired as assistant designer on a project for Veteran’s Affairs, a CD – Canada’s Coming of Age 1939-1945 – nominated at Corpovision’98, Applied Arts Awards. She then works as graphic designer – freelance for BCE Media’s MultiVisual Productions, and full-time for Air Canada until her retirement. 

She is now rekindling her curiosity as an artist and collagist, enjoying, learning and discovering on her own. 

Any dream world is full of surprises at every turn, at every angle. And every reflection is like a zigzag of images in a room of mirrors. 

A Cat's Dream

Digital Collage Print

24" x24"

Price: 700$

Doina Bundaru


How to reach this artist:


email: doina_bundaru@yahoo.com




30" x 24"

Price: 720$

Doina Bundaru was born in Romania and moved to Montreal in the early nineties. She is interested in arts from an early age and some of her drawings were selected for a group exhibition while in school. However, she followed a different career path in engineering. A few years ago she renewed with her old passion, taking art classes and workshops to continue to improve her skills. 


She is grateful to her aunt, artist and art teacher Zamfira Barbu Galan who lives in Bucharest, for her encouragement for all these years. 


She gets inspired in her paintings by daily life, a beautiful sunset, interesting shapes, old memories, nature’s beauty and she is using colors as tools to bring her emotions to canvas. 


She paints mostly in acrylics in an impressionistic style and is headed more and more into abstract. In the process of painting, she enjoys applying textures, playing with layers of colors and mediums until the painting ‘comes to life’. She likes the open dialogue between the piece of art and the beholder, the many interpretations one piece of art can generate. 


She is a member of the Kirkland Artists Association, Artists Circle West Island and she recently joined Women’s Art Society Montreal. She participated in over twenty group art exhibitions and her paintings are found in private collections in Canada and Europe. 


This painting reminds us of the fall season. It inspires a kaleidoscope of feelings and colors; nostalgia over the lost summer is symbolized by the color blue and the colored leaves bring us memories of long walks in the forest or on the streets while fall sets in. 

Love is symbolized in this painting by the color red and the circles represent the circles of family and friends that are the Life Force that keep us alive and help us live a kaleidoscopic life, a life in which we see colors and beauty over dark and sadness.  

Life Force


Size not indicated"

Price: 425$

Eileen Miller


How to reach this artist:


email:  info@eileenmillerart.com

I have lived in Montreal Canada all my life. My formal education in art began in the late 80’s under the guidance of Herman Heimlich, Marilyn Rubinstein and Leslie Schalk, a student himself of Matisse, Although I have been painting for over 30 years with notable artists, I feel I was self taught. 

Eileen_Miller_Night Lights.jpg

Kaleidoscope Night Lights


32" x 32"

Price: 1800$

Nature is her biggest inspiration, beautiful or not. It is what it is and how it affects her, reflects on the canvas. Her work tends to be free and painterly with contrasts of color. She fees most comfortable when she is surrounded by her work. It fosters the opportunity to express her deepest and most vivid emotions. The outside world disappears! Painting helps keep her grounded. There are never mistakes, just happy accidents! Her focus is on the here and now because that really is all there is at that moment in time. She believes her paintings have a mystery, not purposely done, it seems it just develops as she goes along.  At its best, she believes her work also has an edge; something in it that takes a moment, a second look. As with all art, what you pull from her paintings depends on the viewers own experiences. 

Elaine Bacal


How to reach this artist:


email: ebacal@hotmail.com  

Elaine graduated from Sir George Williams (Concordia) University with a BSc and has always worked in the health sciences field. In 2015, she retired from the Jewish General Hospital after 25 years of service. She joined the Women’s Art Society of Montreal (WASM) in 2015 and is currently the WASM Blog Manager. Elaine is also a member of the Montreal Camera Club. Her interest in arts and culture began early in life with music and dance. She began snapping photographs at an early age with the help of her dad using film cameras. Since going digital, Elaine’s photography has transformed – she likes to “play” with her photos by manipulating them in Photoshop, by printing them on unusual substrates, or by making photo-collages. She has also created traditional photo books as well as hand-made books in unusual 3D forms using her very own photographs. Many of Elaine’s creative images are influenced by music from many genres.

To view more, visit Elaine’s Website: https://elainebacal.zenfolio.com/ 



  • JGH Gallery 3775 for many years 

  • Annual WASM Juried Art Exhibit and Sale, Concordia Grey Nuns Residence, 2016, 2017, 2018;  Livart Gallery, 2019, 2020 

  • Friends of the Mount Royal Cemetery Photography Exhibit, 2017, 2018, 2019 

  • 125th Anniversary Photography Exhibit, McClure Gallery, Westmount, June 2017 

  • Concordia Alumni Association Exhibit, November 2017 

  • Westmount Photography Exhibit at the Art Gallery of Victoria Hall, November-December 2017 

Elaine Bacal_Circle of Sun Ra.jpg

Circle of Sun

Altered reality Photo

12.5" x 12.5"

Price: 175$

“Circle of Sun Ra” is an altered reality image consisting of one photograph of a golden shrimp plant, applied 32 times in Photoshop, then mirrored, rotated, and blended to achieve the final creation of a sundrenched kaleidoscopic image. Sun Ra, the late jazz keyboardist, composer, philosopher, and leader of the avant-garde big band-The Arkestra, wore Egyptian-inspired outfits and played songs called Tiny Pyramids and Space Is the Place. “Circle of Sun Ra” is a tribute to one of jazz’s most controversial and innovative musicians of all time.  

Mystic Autumn

Altered reality Photo

12.5" x 12.5"

Price: 200$

“Mystic Autumn” is an altered reality image consisting of one photograph of colourful autumn leaves, applied 16 times in Photoshop, then mirrored, rotated, and blended to achieve the final image in which mystical creatures appear. This image won a Gold Medal in the creative competition of the Canadian Association of Photographic Arts as part of a group of 6 participating photographers from the Montreal Camera Club: https://www.montrealcameraclub.com/capa-2019-2020.html 

Elaine Bacal_Mystic Autumn.jpg

Esther Kanfi


How to reach this artist:


email: estherart123@yahoo.ca 

Esther Kanfi Tea Time 2020.jpg

Tea Time


27.5" x 21.5"

Price: 150$

Blue Vase


24" x 24"

Price: 200$

Esther Kanfi Blue Vase 2020.jpg

Gertrude Antoine Barwick

Gertrud_Antoine_Barwick_Noble Beast.jpg

The Noble Beast


18" x 36"

Price: 900$

How to reach this artist:


email: gertrudantoineb@sympatico.ca 

Jungian Kaleidoscope

Mixed Media

12" x 12"

Price: 300$

Gertrud_Antoine_Barwick_A Jungian Kaleid

Ghada Bedgache


How to reach this artist:





40" x 30"

Price: 1198$

Summer Breeze


40" x 30"

Price: 1198$

Ghada_Begdache_Summer Breeze.jpg

Helene Mann


How to reach this artist:


email: helene.b.mann@hotmail.com

Helene_Mann_Meditation in Blue .jpg

Meditation in Blue

Inkjet Print

30" x 26"

Price: 500$

Retired teacher with thirty years’ experience (Morocco, Paris and Montréal).Since retirement my interest in the arts has taken me to digital art.As a long-term member of TRAM I have participated in many exhibitions and won awards for my work. Digital art is a developing field and allows much opportunity for imagination and flexibility in creativity.

Isle Martin


How to reach this artist: