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Leaving a Legacy

The Concept

No matter what age you are, it is clear that this year has been one of self reflection and reevaluation for many of us.

Additionally, at the start of the pandemic, WASM was keenly aware of the issues regarding overcoming anxiety and isolation felt by many of our members. After much discussion and  revamping, and much more experience, we are now launching a more targeted approach to try to address these difficulties.

It is quite clear that disruption of our normal lives, and the search for meaning are still important issues for many of our members. Shelley Morgan , WASM Treasurer, is also a specialist in aging.  She would like to have you join us to try a different method.


Meet with us to help re-frame the discussion. We ask those members who are willing to contribute to the forming of the program to come to the first session. In this way, you can have some ownership over the methods, which will lead to a more effective program.

Session 1 will  be a general discussion on questions and concerns, to be able to synthesize some of the issues of most concern to you. Please see below for sample questions.

After the initial discussion, Shelley will then develop a tailored program based on the feedback received. At this time, we expect a 3- session workshop, with the possibility of expanding it if there is enough interest or need.

Sample Questions to Help Guide the Discussion

  1. How do you identify yourself, in terms of stage of life? (Senior, middle age, adult, youth, etc.)

  2. Have you noticed any changes as or challenges as  you get older?

  3. What information would be relevant to you as you age? What is relevant now that wasn’t a few years ago.

  4. What are your major concerns as you age?

  5. What social engagement/activities would interest you?

  6. What are your current needs and wants and how can WASM support you further?

Register below

First session - February 24th, 2022 @7pm -8pm

Get in touch so we can start working together.for the preliminary discussion to help frame this project, and tailor it to you!

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