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Cathy Keays


Joining clubs was something I never did in my life. I wouldn’t have joined WASM if it wasn’t for my university professor. When my daughter turned 17, and just out of high school, I returned to Concordia to finish my BFA in Art Education.


In my last year in the program, my teacher told the class that we had to join an art association so that we could add it to our CV. I looked on google and soon found the Women’s Art Society of Montreal. When I got confirmation that I was a member, I figured I paid the membership fee, so I may as well go and check it out.


It was in March of 2014 that I attended my first McCord Museum Event. It was a very enjoyable lecture, but on top of that I was really touched by how friendly everyone was. I was asked to go for coffee with some of the members to the Van Houtte down the street on Sherbrooke.


There I was intrigued by everyone’s passion about the arts and everyone was so down to earth and interesting, supportive, on the ball, and of course talented, if not in the visual arts, then in some pastime they were immersed in. I was soon asked to join the board, and I eagerly accepted. Being on the board has been a lot of work, but I have found it lots of fun at the same time.


How could it not be fun, when you are planning on events and gatherings for such amazing members for them to socialize and at the same time be enriched and inspired. I am just so happy to be a part of such an incredible organization.


Cheers to WASM! Oh, and by the way, in my teaching of art and my other activities, I spread the word of how fascinating it can be to join a club, or volunteer and of course, I give a big mention to WASM! ☺

Elaine Bacal


Veronica Dragnef


Deanne Habeeb

Art Exhibit

Elaine graduated from Sir George Williams (Concordia) University with a BSc and has always worked in the health sciences field. She recently retired from the Department of Pathology at the Jewish General hospital after 25 years of service.


Her interest in arts and culture began early in life with music and dance and a love of visual arts as well. Photography is her passion, with a twist: Elaine’s photography is not straightforward – she likes to “play” with her photos by manipulating them in Photoshop, by printing them on unusual substrates such as foil, thin papers, and gold-leaf, or by making photo-collages using transparencies and cut-outs. She also creates traditional photo books via Blurb and Photo-In-Press, and books in other unusual 3D forms using her very own photographs.


After retiring on her birthday in January 2015, she joined the Women’s Art Society of Montreal (WASM) and has been inspired by the quality and expertise of invited lecturers and the creativity of all its members. As the newly-appointed Vice President, she hopes to be able to contribute to the continuing success of WASM.


Veronica Dragnef is a Canadian painter and mixed media artist born in Bucharest, Romania in 1968.


Veronica graduated from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies with a BSc. in Economics. After twenty years as a manager and an administrator in the private sector, she decided to nurture her lifelong passion for art by pursuing a full-time career in the visual arts.


Veronica Dragnef studied painting under the tutelage of several respected artists  including the renowned Canadian painter Harold Klunder. She currently lives and works in Brossard, Canada.

She has been a member of WASM since April 2016



Deanne Hall-Habeeb spent 30 years overseas in Bahrain teaching art. During this time, Deanne was a practicing artist and taught art to high school and elementary students. She returned to Montreal in 2005 where she now teaches art at ENCORE located on de Maisonneuve.


She holds a BA in Art and Art Education.


She is accomplished in and has taught various media such as etchings, woodcuts, pen & ink and pencil drawings as well as oil painting, watercolor and fabric collage.


Deanne has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in USA, Bahrain, Turkey.  In Quebec, she has had solo exhibitions at Club Sportif de Montréal MAA, The Brome County Historical Museum, and Mile End Gallery. Group exhibitions include Tudor Hall, Ogilvy’s, Mile End Library, Mile End Gallery, Annual Exhibition with the Women’s Art Studio group, ENCORE, Mount Royal Cemetery Annual Exhibition held each August, Crafts, Etc  and outdoor art fairs in NDG as well as the coming November Crafts show sponsored by Arts, Etc.  She has also given workshops on her fabric collage techniques at Ogilvy’s Art Show and the Entre Nous Art Club in Lac Brome.


For more information on Deanne's work, please visit her website

Eileen Miller


Margo Godin

Art Exhibit

Carol Donoghue


Eileen has lived in Montreal Canada all her life, married, a mother of two daughters and 5 grandchildren. Her formal education in art began in the mid 70’s under the guidance of two renowned Hungarian artists, Herman Heimlich and Leslie Schalk . Although she has been painting for over 30 years with notable artists, she feels was self taught.


Never leaving the passion for art and painting , she simultaneously began “Creations Elin”, designing and hand painting children’s room décor, selling across Canada and the US. Her work tends to be free and painterly with contrasts of color. For her, painting should have an intimacy, a mystery, a sensuality. At its best, her work also has an edge; something in it that takes a moment, a second look, an effort to comprehend. As with all art, what you pull from her paintings depends on your own experiences - but what a wonderful opportunity to explore emotions in the sometimes bold and sometimes subtle colors.


Painting helps keep her grounded. It enables her to refocus and adjust her perspective towards life's ups and downs.


Margo Godin is a Canadian artist of Acadian origin working and living in Montreal.  She spends her winters in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where she studies art at Bellas Artes and paints every day.


She has exhibited in San Miguel de Allende, Puerto Rico, Montreal and many places in the Province of Quebec. After a career in the International Corporate world and studying art at Concordia, the Visual Art Center and the Saydie Bronfman, she settled in the picturesque village of North Hatley in the Eastern Townships.


Her studio was opened to the public, therefore her work was bought by vacationers from many parts of the World.

Carol Donoghue was born  in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and was fortunate enough to grow up near the ocean with its beautiful rugged coastline.


She moved to Montreal and worked for  Bell Canada for many years, retiring in 1992 when she took up watercolors as she had always enjoyed art as a child. To relax, she crochets,   knits and quilts and belongs to the St. Patrick's painting group which she has been attending for the past 10 years.


She also belongs to the Montreal West Travel Group and "New Hope", an organization for seniors. She has 5 grandchildren.

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