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Board of Directors and Executive Committees


Miranda Castravelli


John Hislop


Miranda is an artist who works with paint as well as digital media. She serves as president, backed up by years of experience leading organizations in film and ​design.


John is a versatile artist with works in sculpture, acrylic paintings and furniture creations. He is a native Montrealer who has a background in film production, digital-media and corporate event production. He currently serves as vice-president.


Nicole Gratton Treasurer

Veronica de la Colina Secretary

Carol Donoghue


Eager to get back to art after retirement; so, I studied watercolor & ink painting 6 years. At the Women's Art Studio since 2017. Wanted to give back to the arts.


It is all about Dialectics, about movement, about becoming…never stopping.

Introduced to WASM in 1992 by Lillian Goldman and on the board as "reception" that same year. It has been a great experience!




Bonnie Hill


Eileen Miller


Deanne Hall-Habeeb

Art Exhibit

Born in Waterloo,Ontario. Worked at Toronto Western Hospital R.N. post grad operating room and Culinary School of Ontario.

My creativity is satisfied by cooking!

I feel my work has an edge; something in it that needs a moment, a second look to comprehend. What you pull from my work depends on your own experiences.

Deanne enjoys teaching art to retirees at E.N.C.O.R.E. Her preferred media are pen & ink, oil, fabric collage. She is an avid urban sketcher.

Linda Van Inwegen Publicity & Graphics

Retired as a graphic designer Linda now pursues interests in fitness, fine arts, gardening, and as a ‘Home Barista’ where she continues to perfect her Latté Art.